Let’s Compare

Wowser, I was just looking at a pic that I took a couple of years ago of a twistout I did when I was totally too bored with my hair. Now I know that the hair stretches better in braids than it does with twists. But still, I think the progress made in the growth department is quite evident. From there, I decided to dig up a few other twistout pics for comparison purposes. From the look of things, I’m definitely on the right track!

MyfirstTwistoutportraitIMG_0008f-1.jpg picture by Nappyme
First Twistout…so most likely taken winter 2006

262143435 RwG3s-S

Taken April 2008. Not much progress in the length department here. Pretty sure I’d had several set backs leading up to this time.

IMG_1126.jpg picture by Nappyme

Braidout January 2010. No major set backs with regard to length retention over the past couple of years. Had a couple of significant cuts though. Been having trouble getting past 14 inches. Currently, I’m seeing length in the 16 to16.5 inch range. Hoping to reach 18 inches by May or so of this year.

262144014 JHEEB-S

Then vs. now (below).

IMG_1129.jpg picture by Nappyme

After looking at these comparisons, I’d say I’m a very happy camper cause I think it’s looking really, realy good!

4 Responses to “Let’s Compare”
  1. samantha says:

    Your hair is really looking good! The progress is really showing..

  2. Your hair is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

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