Another Kitchen Update

IMG_1140.jpg picture by Nappyme
Just when I thought my saga was over and my scalp was on the mend, I started noticing a ball of hair at the base of one my braids just behind my ear. So I took my braid down and my heart sank as I was able to pull this tuft hair away from my scalp leaving yet another spot of nothing but peach fuzz.

This is what led to my decision to take all of my hair down, (play around with it and take pics of my first My First Braidout) wash it and braid it back up. I needed to see if there was any additional hair loss anywhere else. Afterward, I made sure to make that braid very, very loose.  I’m trying to assess it every day and keep it well moisturized. That little corner is getting really thin, whispy and short, and it’s making me nervous. Boo hooo hooo!

If I see any additional hair loss, I will most definitely make an appointment to go see a dermatologist. But on the upside, at least it appears to be confined to this small area. I’m not losing any more hair anywhere else back there. And it’s breaking off near the scalp, leaving some hair, even if it’s just peach fuzz, but that’s good cause it means  the follicles aren’t damaged, and my hair will grow back.

But beyond that, I’m just at a loss here…did my hair dye really do this? I mean I know it could be a whole lot worse, and I’m thankful it’s not, but hmmm…did the dye break my hair off? And if it did…why only back here. We started the application of dye at my front hairline (which is where my gray hair is most concentrated) and worked our way to the back. Just like we always do. And when we started rinsing it out, we started at the back. That means the dye wasn’t even on the back as long as it was on the front. So now I’m starting to wonder if there’s something else going on here. Could this have been cause by something else? Something else I haven’t taken into account?

This is very perplexing to say the least. It makes it hard because I don’t really know what the problem is and how to avoid it in the future.

And so the saga continues… ***sigh***

4 Responses to “Another Kitchen Update”
  1. Tazz says:

    Try using Lavender Essential oil on that spot it will grow your hair back believe me, I was putting braids in my hair and I was using spritz to make them stay longer, and my fingers got stuck to my hair and I pulled out a plug. I was so upset but it grew back because I used the Lavender. Just be sure to mix the lavender in a base oil like olive or Jojoba. My friends always call me the Witch Doctor because I stand by my Essential Oils 🙂

    • nappyme says:

      Tazz thanks for stopping by. I don’t think I need to do anything special to that area. Like I said in my post, it’s got hair there so it’s not like the follicles are damaged so that means the hair will grow back. My bigger concern is figuring out what cause this kind of breakage to begin with. So yeah…not worried about being permanently bald, it’s about preventing any further breakage.

  2. holl54 says:

    The damage came from the hair dye product, chemical hair dye is not a harmless product and it will and can damage both hair and scalp. If you still have the product box with the ingredients, then take it with you to a good hair salon for natural styles or a dermatologist. In my opinion, I don’t think you effectively washed and conditioned your hair and scalp, so some of the product is still there. All the Best success!!

  3. J says:

    What type of hair dye did you use. I want to make sure that I never use that product. Thank you

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