Does this look like…

an old lady do to you?IMG_1159.jpg picture by Nappyme

Alrighty then. I love my box braids, really I do. Compared to twists, they’re the ultimate low maintenance style. That’s why I ended up wearing micro extensions for almost four years because they were so incredibly convenient. Well, so are my 21 medium-sized box braids, and I’m tellin’ you…it don’t get much better than this.

I’ve worn them now since the latter part of November. It’s funny cause it was never my intent to wear them for a long time. At first it was a transition style after I’d washed my hair and was not in the mood to do a marathon styling session by putting my twists back in.

So I put in some big fat braids to let them dry. Then the next day I made them a little smaller. I liked ’em so I decided to wear them to work. Did that for a week, reworked the parts in the back a little and wallah, I came up the parting that I wore for about a month. Then someone on NP started a six-month box braid challenge. Well being that I’d already had mine in for a month, I decided to join for the next five months. And boy does time fly cause I’m now going into my third month.

During this time, I’ve come up with various ways to wear them to keep it all interesting. I’ve pin curled them. I’ve roller set them. I’ve worn them up and I’ve worn them down, and I’ve used a variety of hair accessories to dress ’em up and keep me from being bored. Today, I envisioned a low braided chignon offset to one side. I’ve seen these in pictures, and they always seem so elegant to me, so I decided to give it a try.

Well this is my version, and I thought it looked really cute. Until now, I’ve always let the one braid in the top hang down theIMG_1154.jpg picture by Nappyme side of my face to soften the style a bit and not look so severe. Truth be told though, it gets on my last nerve cause it’s rigid, and it sticks out like pippy long stocking. I’ve tried to curl it, but it doesn’t hold. I’ve put it under the temples of my glasses, but when it lays against my face it itches. Eh… I made it work even though it really gets on my last nerve. But today, I decided to see what my style would look like if I pulled it back with the rest of the braids.

Hmmm… I thought it was cute. Yeah, really cute so I decided to take some pictures. But as I looked at the pics, I decided I looked like an old lady, and now I don’t like it so well. Maybe I’m just being to critical. Maybe I just didn’t capture me at any good angles. Ok…ok…too much doubt. So now I need some different opinions. What do y’all think? Is this cute, or should I ditch this as a do and kick it out of my bag-o-styles and never wear it again?

IMG_1160.jpg picture by NappymeIMG_1155.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_1156.jpg picture by Nappyme

Well? Wadduya think?

9 Responses to “Does this look like…”
  1. Tashina says:

    Me likey. It looks really smooth, and I love it to the side . I wish I could raid your accessories drawer. Those earrings and that hair clip are on point.

  2. Ms-gg says:

    It is cute! Keep rockin it Nappyme 🙂 If I had the length I would!

  3. Laura says:

    Beautiful !!!!!!
    And to answer the question…an old lady ? NOOOOOOO

    I found myself on your site by doing tons of searches for TWA care, I BC’d last Thursday…I am so excited and happy about it…have tons of questions too…lol
    That probably comes with the territory.

    Thanks for everything you do to help us with our natural hair care, God bless 🙂


  4. nappyme says:

    Yay! Three votes for NOT AN OLD LADY DO! Thanks y’all!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Congrats on your big chop and good luck on your journey!

    God bless and take care,

  5. CoCo says:

    I think it looks really cute!

    And I LOVE those earrings!


  6. bebedee says:

    NappyMe, you betta kill that “old lady” noise! That style is super-cute. I may be inspired to try this myself.

  7. samantha says:

    I like it! But I like all of your styles. I am always bumping my forehead on my computer screen trying to get closer to see the styles close up! (LOL)

  8. tazz says:

    Looks really cute!!!

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