It’s Time for the Works!

I've been in these box braids in various styles since the end of Nov. 2009. Surprisingly I'm not tired of them. But my scalp is soooo itchy. So it's time to let someone pamper both my scalp and my hair and wash away some of those winter blues. I'm soooo excited I can hardly wait!

Well, I finally did it. I scheduled an appointment with my beautician to get my hair did. Sat. February, 20 is the big day. I’m getting THE WORKS! Shampoo, deep condition, and a protein treatment. I’m also getting my scalp scratched (the best part of the visit in my opinion) and a hair cut taboot. I’m excited but very nervous. Excited cause this is a rare treat. And nervous cause…well… because I’m trusting someone with scissors to come near my hair. While she did a very good job evening up my hair last year, letting someone cut your hair, especially when they’re cutting highly textured tresses, is almost always a risky proposition. Most beauticians have to cut straight hair. But Kessa did a wondeful job of cutting some of my lower layers while my hair was very shrunken, but I havent had so much as a dusting since then.  But over the past year or so, my hair has suffered tremendously leaving it incredibly uneven in spots. So it’s time. Time for me to sit back and relax. Put everything into the hands of a trusted professional who can hopefully work some magic and put some energy and life back into my tired old, winter-worn hair.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and you all posted!

One Response to “It’s Time for the Works!”
  1. MilliePat says:

    I’ve experienced only two great hair cuts by professional stylists and they both were done on processed hair, one on a perm and the other a body wave. So, far I never had one pro give me a great cut on natural hair, because I have two different textures of hair on my scalp. I have wavy hair from forehead to crown and then tight hair below crown to neck.

    Therefore dry or wet, my natural not chemical treated hair is very hard to style and most beauticians never go a good job. The best they can do is to snip the ends.

    I am attempting to increase back length, so it is even with the front length. The front grows faster and is less prone to breakage. My scalp is very itchy and dry, so I can not wear braids or corn rows month after month. So in the winter, I let it hang loose and I keep the scalp moisturized. In the Summer in stays in box braids or twists.

    Great that you found the one for you, cause it is hard to locate a wonderful pro that understands Nappy hair.

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