Impromptu Take Down Session

IMG_1136-2-1.gif picture by NappymeLast evening my scalp suddenly got the itchies all over really badly. Sometimes even feeling like it was on fire so that led to a very impromptu take down session. I can’t remember what time I started … maybe around 8 or so. Not even sure exactly what time I got it down. I think I looked at the clock around 11:30 and I still had about three braids left. And I was soooo glad cause after dealing with 21 braids for several hours, my fingertips literally HURT! And you know what, it’s 12 hours later as I sit here writing this, and my hands and fingertips are still tired, aching and sore.

earring-1.jpg picture by NappymeI use the metal part of the earring, you know the hook looking part that the earring dangles from to take down the ends of my braids. What do you use?

It’s funny cause I wore micros for three years straight, and of course taking down a hundred plus braids doesn’t even compare to only having to take down 21 braids. But the way my hands feel right now…I can’t believe I actually endured dealing with taking down micros every three months for three years. Was I crazy??? Of course I was younger then. I wore them from 2002 through 2005 nonstop and intermittently from 2005 to 2006. Maybe it is just an age thing.

Anyhoo, I finally got them down and boy-oh-boy my scalp just seem to breath a sigh of relief after being released.  I brushed out all the shed hair and brushed my scalp as best I could too. It felt so good. But oh the amount of hair in my brush…kinda scary. I’m always a litte nervous when I see that much hair in my brush after I’ve worn it in a single style for long periods of time. Mostly because while I know it’s normal to have a lot of shedding after not really brushing your hair for months on end, my hair is soooo long that under these circumstance, if I  have any significant breakage, it can be mixed in with the shed hair in my brush. And because my hair is so friggin’ thick, if there is some concentrated breakage, I won’t really see it until I take the time to twist it up or braid it again.

I really hate using brushes…but under the circumstances I gotta do what I gotta do and that shed hair absolutely had to gooooo.

So being as gentle as possible and while trying to use good technique, I wet each of the loose braids and starting from the tips worked my way to the roots. Then I would keep it stretched by putting it into a bantu knot. When I was finished I attempted to get all this dang hair pulled back into a ponytail.

That was a joke. Once I got it in a band, my hair is soooo thick and the shrinkage so great that it hurt to have my hair pulled back like that. I thought I could stand it though so I braided my ponytail, put a scarf on and went to bed.

But by 3 a.m., my scalp was once again SCREAMING at me and I had to take the band off. This morning I redid  my hair by just redoing it into one big fat thick loose braid. I put a plastic hair band on to dress it up a little bit.

I’ll wear it like this till Sat. when I’m scheduled to get my hair did. But before I do, I’ma put it in some big fat twists and tell her to band them and wash it like that cause ain’t no way in HELL I’m going to let her try to handle my loose hair. I predict if I did that, we’d both end up in tears!

11 Responses to “Impromptu Take Down Session”
  1. tazz says:

    I understand, I had this happen to me about a week ago my head started itching like that and I could not get my hair down fast enough despite using peppermint and tea tree oil infused in Castor oil to oil my scalp. Have you ever tried co-washing your hair to break it down? or giving it hot oil treatments with olive oil and honey before washing it. This has helped my hair considerably. my hair is thick but it has not gotten as thick as yours yet but it is getting there. I wish you all of the luck in keeping all of that gorgeous hair. Sis stay strong.

    • nappyme says:

      Well… I never took to cowashing. I tried it a couple of times and had some bad experiences. But thanks for the suggestions and the well wishes, it’s much appreciated.

  2. tazz says:


    I forgot, the Denman brush is a great aid to use to take down your braids use it with a little leave in conditioner.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Taz,
      I’m not visualizing the use of a denman to take down braids. I need something that has a tip that I can stick into the end of my braid so that I can get it to unravel. Then once I get the end down, I can take the rest down with my fingers and then use my denman for detangling.

    • nappyme says:

      Tazz you should make a youtube vid using this technique. I’d like to see how that works.

  3. MilliePat says:

    I am sorry you experienced the duress. My scalp is extremely sensitive to the hair that it grows. So, with braids, I can only wear them so long, before I get the itch demon on the scalp. I took out my twists in Aug. and have not put them back in, yet. I am debating whether to put them in again, because my hair has stopped shredding and my scalp does not itch. I will probably go back to the twist for the humid summer months because I am very lazy with my hair.

    I use tea tree oil on my scalp with no mineral oil for itch. I apply it every night and massage the scalp, then comb it through my hair. The Aphogee treatments once a week for three weeks ended the hair breakage. Now if only I could find a head wrap that did not come off every night.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi MilliePat,
      I really love the braids for the winter months…they’ve been heaven sent. But I’ll probably go back to twists for the summer too. They’re a little more versatile and show more volume than braids.

      To wrap your hair up at night, try a long satin scarf (like the fashion ones) and see how it works out. That’s what I use and it rarely comes off at night.

  4. Dwana says:

    I always added a detangler/ conditioner (thick) to my braids and then finger them free. Oils aren’t as effective, though. For tight ends I’d use the end of a rat tail comb, which is a rarity.

    I’m not sure what to make of the itchy scalp syndrome. Generally my scalp itches when it’s dry, bad product, or too much product. Once air hits my scalp after a take down more than likely, I’ll have dry patches (where the braid sat) clashing with not so dry patches (scalp around my head.)

  5. Mikou says:

    For detangling braids, I use a rattail comb I bought from Sally Beauty Supply. The tail is a slender metal rod, so it’s good for getting into a tight braid.

    • nappyme says:

      Mikou… I’ve got one of those from Sally’s too. Matter of fact I have two. Can never find them when I want them so I started using my earring. It was in my ear, it was handy and dang if it didn’t work like a charm. Now I use it all the time. Next time you do a take down and can’t find your rattail comb try it and see how well you like it.

  6. Mikou says:

    I’m pretty good about keeping them in their place. I’ve actually tried the earrings, but find they bend too much. I worry about breaking them. I’d probably only use them if I had no other option or if I’m dealing with a very small knot.

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