Dandruff? Whatever it is…

I've used Nizoral before to successfully combat a bad case of seborehic dermatitis. So I'm giving it another go.

It’s really, really, really getting on my nerves!

Uh…yeah. Many years ago, back when I was a permie living in Columbus, Ohio, I started noticing some really bad dandruff right along my front hair line. It ran from just above one temple to the other. Back then, my routine was to wash, condition, and blow dry on sunday nights in preparation for the next work week.

Well, this stuff was really bad. I’d scratch my scalp to raise it, wash my hair, and BAM! This dandruff would be back in full force by Wednesday like clock work.

One day, while I was visiting with my doctor, I asked him to take a look at it. He said I had craddle cap. I looked at him quizzically. You know like babies get, he clarified. It’s seborehic dermatitis.

Uh…ok so what do I do about it?

He instructed me to buy some Nizorol. Used to be by prescription only but was now available over the counter. Cool, but not cool. Stuff is rather expensive; I could purchase it without a prescription, but it also meant my insurance company wouldn’t help with the cost.

Then, he told me to part my hair and use my fingers to apply it directly to my scalp. Visualize greasing your scalp and yep you’ve got the picture. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash my hair. Said to do this five days in a row and that should clear it up. Now I’m thinking… “man are you crazy? Black women don’t wash their hair everyday like white folks. My hair will feel like straw.”

So that’s what I thought, but not what I said. But for real, I’m thinking how was I going to pull this off? That’s just too much to put my hair through and to deal with during the week. That’s why I only wash once a week and also why I wash my hair on Sunday nights.

But ok…if I wanted to get rid of it, that’s what I was ultimately going to have to do. So I started on a Wednesday night and finished up on Sunday night. By Wednesday…no sign of dandruff. Friday. No dandruff. Next week nada and the week after that, nope…nothing. Wow, I couldn’t believe it…my “dandruff” problem cleared right up and boy was I a happy camper. And I have been so for many years because it never came back. That was in about 1995 and here it is 2010. That’s fifteen years ago.

So why is it rearing its ugly head now? About six months ago. Grrrrr…

And this time it’s worse. It’s not just along my hair line. It has expanded to encompass the entire top of my head. Maybe its because I’m perimenopausal. Along with hot flashes, my body is really going through some really wicked things right now. Tell me, why does my body just seem intent on torturing me? Why? Why can’t I just hit menopause and be done with it. That’s what happened to my mom. One month she had a period. The next month and there after NOTHING. No hot flashes…nothing. So again, I ask…why is my body putting me through all of this…why?

Of course I’m speculating that going through the “change of life” is really the problem but it’s as good a reason as any. That, combined with the cold, dry air of winter can’t be helping any either. So remembering back to the first time I experienced this hiddeous dandruff problem, I decided once again to give this Nizorol routine a try.

It’ll be a bit more challenging this time around though because I’m wearing box braids. Ain’t no way I’ma take my hair down to do this so I’ll just have to apply the shampoo to my parts and through my braids, message and rinse. That’s what I did last night. Then I used some medicated hair grease (ewe) and greased my parts cause my scalp just looked dry and pitiful so you can only image how my poor hair is going to feel. To combat having dry hair, I blotted my braids and then put some moisturizer into my hands and squeazed it into my braids. Let them air dry as best I could, pulled my braids back into a side bun before I tied my hair down with a scarf. The next morning my hair looked and felt great…almost freshly done.

I hope it still looks this good when I get through with these treatements on Sunday night. Hopefully it won’t be too tramatized, but I gotta try something cause whatever is going on with my scalp is not good, and I don’t want it to get worse. so this dandruff problem has got to end. Last night was the first night. One down… four to go.

Wish me luck…I really hope this works. However it turns out, I’ll keep ya posted.

10 Responses to “Dandruff? Whatever it is…”
  1. J says:

    I have the same problem and the same diagnosis! My scalp gets full with dandruff patches during the 3rd week of my twists, just as they are puffing up and looking their best. The itching is so intense and the flakes are absolutely huge. It’s very bothersome and time-consuming to scratch the flakes up to shake them off, only to have them return like clockwork the very next morning! I’m afraid to rinse my scalp for fear my twists will begin to matt up or loc. I’m not sure what to do. I only have this problem when my hair is twisted, whether its twisted with product or twisted dry with no product. I eagerly await your posts about the success of your treatment. I just re-twisted yesterday and am already dreading the 3rd week when the flakes normally begin.

    • nappyme says:

      You should go ahead and give it a try. It worked for me last time around so I’ve got my fingers crossed this time around.

      But you can only try it to see if it will work. If it works for me there’s not guarantee it’ll work for you. But it sure wouldn’t hurt to try it.

      Just a little of your time might make all the difference in the world.

  2. Tazz says:

    I know you are against it but you might just want to try some sulfur 8 and glovers mange I know old school but it works. LOL

    • nappyme says:

      Tazz too funny that you would mention sulfur 8 cause I was THIS close to buying some the other day. I took the lid off and smelled it, and it didn’t seem to smell as strongly as I remembered it from back in the day. So I ALMOST got it…but then I changed my mind. I couldn’t do it. Cause it still had that…that smell to it.

      I just really don’t want to smell like that. LOL!

      I wonder if the Glovers Mange products still have that aweful smell?

  3. Kessa says:

    Hey nappyme! Many times it’s not dandruff at all. Maybe a little dry scalp, you would have to consider the weather we have had this winter and our hard NE water. Also, we release oils and sebom from our scalp that can be overactive due to hormones, this will build up on the scalp as well and become itchy and flake. Product can cause this problem as well. Nizorol works good. Good luck! Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

  4. nappyme says:

    Kessa! Hey lady. Y’all it’s my beautician stoppin’ in to drop some knowledge.

    Yeah, I thought about the product buildup possiblity too and all the other things you mentioned. Well, whatever it is and whatever is causing it, hopefully my Nizorol therapy nips it in the bud.

    Thanks for dropping by and don’t be a stranger.

  5. mslazarre says:

    Hi. Very interesting post and helpful too! I suffered with dandruff and my kids did too, especially when we were relaxing. Since Oct 2009 I’ve been natural. I also started to do a henna treatment once a month, also for my girls as well. Guess what…no dandruff, flakes, or dull dry hair. My eldest girl wanted to go back to relaxing her hair. Guess what…flakes again (see saw the light). Try henna at least once a month. It probably is the only natural treatment that goes to the cause of many types of dandruff.

  6. ohrhonda says:

    Hiya NM,
    I can sooo relate to your scalp woes! As I’ve mentioned on NP, I’ve had to keep on top of scalp irritation lately…I hadn’t considered ‘changes’ as a probable cause…it makes sense, though. Prior to maybe a year ago, I was able to control flakiness and irritation pretty well.

    By the way, Glover’s Mange was a product that my mother used on our male cat whenever he’d get in a fight. He had a bit of mange, so she put him in the laundry tub and cleaned him w/the stuff.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi OhRhonda!
      Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with the history of the Glover’s Manage product. It was originally made to treat animal and humansto kill parasitic mange mites. How and why black folk picked up on it as something to put in our hair to “make it grow” is sooooo beyond me. But it was sold in grocery and drug stores in the hair goods aisle.

      When I was a kid, my mom used to mix it with Hair Rep or Royal Crown hair grease as a base. Then she added cinnamon oil, jojoba oil and if I’m not mistaken lanolin.

      If you used it straight, it could really stink so the other oils were used to help mask the smell and for their other properties as well.

      I don’t even think they make or sell that particular product any longer, but I’ve seen other products that they make in the beauty supply store. I never new anyone who actually used it on pets. But I’ll tell ya, if they used that original product back in the day without cutting it with other oils to mask the scent the way my mom did, you could smell someone a mile away. That stuff sure did stink!

      Original Glover's Mange product
      circa 1930. Manufacturer: H. Clay Glover

  7. ohrhonda says:

    Hair Rep!!!! Man, that brings back memories!
    I had cousins that used that stuff….thank goodness my mom stuck with Queen’s Bergamot.

    Re: Glover’s Mange. Well, at least on our cat, it worked wonders!

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