Dandruff Problem: Quick Update

Picked this stuff up at Dollar General for a buck

Well, after doing three back-to-back treatments (although in my previous post  I said I’d do five), it’s much, much, much better. It’s not entirely gone, though. I probably should have done the five-day treatment and it most likely would be gone altogether. Prior to the treatments, usually after only three days, that nasty dandruff would be all caked up in my hairline. But since my last post on this matter, my scalp stayed clearer much longer. In fact, at this point, that yucky dandruff is spotty at best and even in those spots, it’s markedly, most definitely not bad at all.

So this afternoon, when I washed my hair I just treated those areas with the Nizoral. Then I greased my scalp again with the Indian Hemp hair grease, moisturized my hair and braided it back up. I fully expect this last treatment to totally clear it up.

I’m a much, happier camper now that my scalp is on the mend.

If any of you are experiencing a similar problem, please give this treatment a try. You have nothing to lose and nothing but a healthier scalp to gain. If you do try this, please drop by and let me know how it worked.

I’ll be waiting to hear from y’all on this so good luck!

7 Responses to “Dandruff Problem: Quick Update”
  1. Tashina says:

    Softee Indian Hemp……wuuuuutttt???? LOL. J/K That’s my favorite scalp grease. It’s very light.

    Glad your scalp is doing better. I don’t have this problem but my sister does. Frequent washing (every two-three days, depending on the degree it itching) with Head and Shoulders helps to cure it when it flairs up.

    • nappyme says:

      Girrrllll, I was just deperate for something to alieviate how dry my scalp looked after washing it soooo much. I hate grease so I don’t expect that I’ll be using this stuff too much longer. That’s why I’m glad it only cost a dollar.

  2. M says:

    Your hair is so beautiful. I was wondering if you have some tips on caring for toddler hair. My daughter is 2 years old and she has soft, fine hair. (4a-4b mix). I have a set of twists in her hair now and want to keep them in for a month but they get very tangled. How do you prevent that? I planned on condition washing every other week and touching up the hairline and keeping the ends oiled with coconut oil.

  3. Tazz says:

    I have heard that this stuff is great for hair growth also.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Tazz,
      MYTH ALERT! Grease does not make your hair GROW. Your hair grows from a follicle (a small pit or hole) embedded deep inside your scalp. That’s where your hair is nurished and begins its growth cycle. By the time you see your hair, it’s dead — just like your fingernails.

      Other than some FDA topical solutions (Rogaine w/monoxidil) approved for male and female pattern baldness, nothing is proven to affect the growth of hair. And this stuff isn’t a cure, it’s just a treatment. If you stop using it, your hair falls out again.

      Trust when I say this little ole $1 bottle of grease does not hold the secret to “growing” your hair. If it did, black folk would have hair down their backs.

      So unless you’re going bald for some reason, hair grows. That’s what it does. If you’re after length, then you have to figure out how to retain your ends. Length = retention.

  4. Qi says:

    I too, have had terrible dandruff–all my life, but recently was diagnosed with adult cradle cap. It looks a lot like scabs on your scalp and can even bleed. My hair is fairly long so if you try to pull the flakes off (which you shouldn’t do but I can’t help it), you have to drag it to the end of your hair. Very gross. Anyway, you can treat it but it can never be “cured”, so to speak. So basically its a life that will always flaky, unless treated. The dandruff shampoos (including prescribed) do seem to work for a while but then stop. The ONLY thing that works for me is a very light application of Medicated Sulfur 8–in the blue bottle. I’ve had the same jar of it for 2 years and I use it every week! That’s how little you need.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Qi,
      Whatever I had, I’ve got it cleared up now. No more nasty crusty build up. Actually, mine didn’t flake on it’s own and it wasn’t until I’d scratch that I could see the what was going on. It was like it was stuck like glue to my scalp. So although I treated with the nizoral like it did many years ago when my doctor diagnosed it as cradle cap/seborehic dermatitis, I can’t be sure that that’s what it was this time around.

      But whatever it was it just seemed to keep coming back, just like the last time. And whatever it was, the Nizoral treatments finally cleared it right up!

      Glad you’re finding something to manage your condition. We’re both luck. Not many people do.

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