Box Braid Challenge: Month Four

Are y’all bored with my braids yet? I’m not. Accessories help keep it interesting!

IMG_0011-1.jpg picture by NappymeWell last night, I finally finished up my hair. Sick with bronchitis for the better part of three weeks now, I’ve been getting a little better everyday and on Wednesday I washed my hair. And, I’ve been redoing my braids a few everyday in anticipation that I’ll be feeling well enough to go back to work on Monday. I used the same parts but moved my side pony from the left to the right. Ooooohhhh big deal right? LOL! It’s a small change, but it does give me a slightly different look.

IMG_0010-1.jpg picture by NappymeSo, on April 1, I’ll be four months into this challenge. You’d think I’d be bored with my hair but I’m not. While I miss styling my twists, the ease of braid care more than makes up for the fact that they give me somewhat limited styling options. But I’m OK with that cause I’ve actually never been one who really switched up my hair styles all that much. Shoot, when I had a perm, I wore a bob hair cut forever…like three years straight.

On the other hand, it’s not like my permed hair was anywhere near as versatile as my natural hair. Even when my hair was doing well, relaxers left my hair very thin, limp and very fragile. No body. So wearing a bob was really the best option for my hair.

With natural hair, however, the styling possibilities seem to be endless and most of us are only limited by our imagination. OK, well and our styling abilities. Fortunately, that’s not an issue for me. So I think the only reason I’ve worn my hair in soooo many different styles is just because I can.

Nevertheless, while I’m not bored, the novelty of my braids have somewhat worn off. So as I go through month four of this challenge, I’m not sure that I’ll be looking for other ways to style my braids other than to find accessories to dress up my pony.

IMG_0008-1.jpg picture by NappymeSpeaking of accessories, I dug out this old claw clip today to dress up my side pony. It’s so cute and I think it gives my pony a really finished and polished look. I don’t tend to wear it (or the black one I have) cause it’s kind of bulky and if I wear my pony centered low back, it’s very uncomfortable when I drive. But since my pony is on the side, my head rest doesn’t cause it to dig into my scalp. So I think I’ll wear it to work tomorrow and the next couple of days.

HAIR RINGZ PEARL SWIRLAh, while it’s on my mind, I wanna introduce y’all to the cutest accessories that I found yesterday. Called HairHairringzillustration.jpg picture by Nappyme Ringz, they’re ponytail accessories innovatively designed to fit over and clip into the hair band to hide it. I’m not sure who the original maker is, but I’ve found them being sold on quite a few sites including ebay.

The one pictured left for me is a must have. Just gotta find it at a reasonable price and a site I can trust and this is baby is mine. It’s so elegant, I love it!

In fact, I think this is it for me. I’m definitely gonna stock up on a bunch of these to dress up my ponytails. They look like they’ll keep forever.

3 Responses to “Box Braid Challenge: Month Four”
  1. Shaunita says:

    I like when you clip the boxbraids and decorate them. Bored? I feel like that with my hair so Im always looking to try something new.

  2. nettyboop says:

    Hi Nappy Me,

    just curious….. How does the box braid challenge work? I tried looking it up on but could not get access. It sounds interesting. Can you explain it to me please?

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Netty,
      It’s just that we’ve committed to keeping our hair in braids for six months from the time you join the challege. I’d already been in braids for about a month before they started the challenge so I only had five months to go. Then I took them down for about 10 days so that pushed my end date to June 1.

      In the thread, we share our experiences which include best practices as well as what’s not working for us. Hopefully by coming together like this it makes wearing our braids fun and helps get us through the six month challenge.

      Hope this help,

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