Bartering Services and No Cost Salon Hair Care

Ya can’t beat that with a stick!

I’m so excited. I’m getting my hair done for free. But let me back up.  

Rash on mend after color.

I called my beautician several days ago to see how much she’d charge to color my hair. My roots haven’t been  colored since last December. But after my last fiasco, where I had a reaction of sorts to my box color, which caused some hair loss and a horrible, painful rash, (see update) I decided I’d better let a professional do the next round. Go through a patch allergy test…you know the one they tell you to do in the instructions prior to coloring…but no one ever does?

New growth left

New growth right

New hair filling in on both sides of my kitchen area where the rash took it out after coloring nearly four months ago. Seems to be coming in slowly but surely.  I’m a little nervous cause if my patch test turns out positive to allergies, then I’ll have to look for other alternatives to using regular permanent hair dye on my hair.

When we finally hooked up by phone, Kessa said she’d charge $45 for the works including wash, condition and style. I thought, hey that’s not too bad. Especially since my friend Regina, and I had lunch. She had her natural hair flat twisted by Kessa and it was really cute and very well done. I was wow’d. I’ve never met a beautician that could style natural hair in flat twists as good as me. So until then, I’ve been rather reluctant to let her style my natural hair. But after seeing Regina’s, do I’m most definitely on board with her.  

Well, anyway, we talked a minute and then she suggested we barter our services. I help her with building a website and maintain it for her burgeoning sister loc clientele, and she’ll do my hair for free. Ha! I was thrilled. We’d talked about me doing a website for her the last time she did my hair, but neither of us had followed up on it. But it’s been on my mind lately and the thought had occurred to me that we could help each other out by bartering. So I had planned to bring that up the next time we spoke but she beat me to it!  

So now I’m actually more than thrilled, cause there are so many styles I’d like to try but would never have the patience to do or try myself. Or, styles I would like to try but can’t do myself, especially those that involve parts and more elaborate styling in the back of my head.  

There are also various home-made hair products I’d like to try but would never want to deal with the mess. So now, I can get all this done at the salon…for free.  

But first things first. On her next open Saturday, I’ma get my color did and then styled. I’m so tempted to come out of my box braids and let her do flat twists. However my participation in the NP box braid challenge is up for me on June 1, and I’d really like to finish that out. So I’m torn between staying in the challenge or getting a different style.  

Box braids? Twists? Hmmm…box braids are low maintenance, but twists are cuter, and a lot more maintenance. Well…maybe I’ll get twists and just go back to braids when my twist style wears old.  

Yepper that could be a plan. Oh boy, yep…mos def that’s a FREE plan!

4 Responses to “Bartering Services and No Cost Salon Hair Care”
  1. Tazz says:

    Sister, First I will barter you for that hat 🙂 that is a very good deal, I wish that I could find a natural hair stylist in my area. Maybe you can have her style your box braids if you want to keep them for another couple of months. I have another question do you have to possess a cosmetology degree to teach others how to style their natural hair, if you want to do it as a sideline business?

  2. nappyme says:

    Tazz…noooooo you can’t have my hat! I found it first. At target for just $5. Been looking for one that was lined all winter long. And then, wouldn’t ya know it, I find the perfect hat AFTER our relentless winter finally goes away.


    About your question. I haven’t a clue. My gut would say if you’re running classes as a business and making folks pay for them, maybe. But then it again, it might depend on the state. I know some states require braiders to be licensed and others don’t.

    So I’d say check with your local beauty school and see what they say.

  3. HappiToGoNatural says:

    That is a blessing!
    Cute hat!

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