Accessory Obssession Continues

Last weekend was the first day of our local farmer’s market and I picked up these fun, leucite yellow earrings. Well that started me on a quest to find some type of matching hair accessory as well as a matching shirt. It took me a bit but by Tuesday of the following week, I’d found all three.

So on Wednesday, I wear my ensemble to work, and one of my male coworkers walks by me and very loudly says, “Whoa, you’re blinding me!” I glance up from what I’m doing and look at him as I shake my head questioningly and say “What?””

“Your shirt. Man that’s bright like the sun…you’re blinding me, you’re blinding me.”

“Ah,” I say. Then I go back to what I’m doing.

Had it been anyone else but this guy, I might have been amused, but I swear he has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. (AADD) He’s so annoying because he talks just to hear himself talk. He literally talks non-stop. He’ll engage you in conversation and then walk away while you’re in mid-sentence or start talking over you. He’s honestly not interested in anything anyone else has to say because only the words coming out of his mouth are important. I chalk this incessant and annoying behavior (among others) up to his AADD, various insecurities and extreme self  centeredness.  I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even attempt to have a conversation with him. I just look at him, and if I can get away with it, I never answer him. Most of the time he doesn’t even notice.


Love this scruchie. It was in the clearance bin at Beauty First. I think I cost about $2.

Anyhoo,  back to my accessories. I really like this scrunchie because it has little yellow leucite beads that perfectly matched my earrings. And once I had matching earrings, this scruchie and a shirt,

I never wrap my scrunchies around my ponytail. I stretch them across the band and secure the ends with plastic hair pins.

I started wondering if I could find a pair of shoes to match. Then last week, I stumbled on these thong sandals at of all places the beauty supply store. They were $9.99 and buy one get one free. So I got a yellow pair and a pink pair. They have such a piss poor return policy that I really hoped they’d work out. Turns out that as cheap as they were, they are mega comfy. So Today I go back and get two more pairs in red and green — the last size 9 in each color.

This makes me a really happy camper because I love thong sandals, but every summer I end up throwing a pair or two away because the thong part pulls out of the shoe making them unwearable. I’m so sick of paying good money for sandals that tear up so quickly.

OK I confess. I never buy something that’s not on sale and deeply discounted at that. However, I happen to think that a pair of name-brand, department store shoes should last more than one season no matter how much I pay for them.

But since this year’s colorful shoe find only cost $5 a pair, I surely won’t be mad if I manage to tear them up and have to throw them away at the end of the summer. For five bucks, these things are practically disposable anyway. But they feel fairly substantial so I actually think they’ll hold up, and I will likely be able to wear them for several summer seasons. And that really makes me smile.

Yay for being able to be fashionable on the cheap!

6 Responses to “Accessory Obssession Continues”
  1. ms-gg says:

    Gone Nappyme! I love it!

  2. Onenine08 says:

    U look absolutely radiant!

  3. anabwi says:

    LOL, you shoulda told him to put on his sunglasses !! Love the earrings.

  4. Tazz says:

    I like them all!!!!!!

  5. Candy says:

    Oooh, so pretty! I love all the bright colors, especially the sandals.

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