Break a Leg — Hopefully Mine!

 Hmmm… it’s always been a secret desire of mine to persue acting.  And my hometown is a big community theater town and lately I’ve been really supporting the John Beasley Theater. So I signed up for their mailing list and now I get notifications for upcoming auditions.   My mom gets them too. One day she … Continue reading

Whatchoo gonna do with your hair?

  True story…        If y’all in the grip of things like we are here, then hot and humid is just an understatement and so, this past weekend, I sweated my hair out in the worst way working out in the yard doing some major landscaping.        So by Sunday afternoon, after finishing up my landscaping project, I … Continue reading

Save your ends with a beautiful Faux Puff!

Faux Puff Instead of two ponytails tucked under, I’ve made six. One in the top and two on the sides. One in the middle. And two made from the nape up. They’re tucked under into the elastic band and converge in the back. Then I have one band around all of them, which pulls them together … Continue reading

Loose Hair (well sorta), Don’t Care

At long last my front edges are mostly long enough to be caught up in a band when I comb my hair back into a pony. Though I still have some short spots my fantasia gel and a tooth brush seems to be doing a good job of laying my edges down. It’s been really, really … Continue reading