Me + Box Braids = Heaven

IMG_0173.jpg picture by NappymeAfter long last, I’ve finally put my box braids back in. It drives me crazy to do them cause it just takes sooooo long for me to part them they way I want. I think the key to having a pleasing aesthetic is to have parts that allow them to lay so that you don’t have huge gaps. If you manage to get a brick laying pattern where each row of braids lay along the parts of the lower set of braids, you create at better illusion of fullness. Something that can be hard to do when you’re wearing your own hair and haven’t added extension hair in.

Freshly done box braids. These were done over the July 4th weekend and I finished up on Monday, July 5th so they’re now almost three weeks old.

Let’s face it, practically NO ONE’S hair is as thick as added extension hair makes it look. As a result, it can be very tough to wear our own hair sans extensions. And I know this first hand because I wore microbraids with added hair that fell down to the middle of my back for three years without a break and then intermittently for yet another year. Fortunately I’ve been weave free since about 2006 and have long since come to terms with my own hair’s possibilities as well as it’s limitations. 

And the best part of all is that it’s all mine, all the time in all its nappy glory for the world to see. Fake hair need not apply here ever again

7 Responses to “Me + Box Braids = Heaven”
  1. Tarsia says:

    looks great. I was just thinking about doing box braids, but like ten times smaller than yours. Like micro braids with my own hair. I want someone else to do it, but I have no idea how much it would cost. I know I dont want to pay though because I can briad pretty well myself.

  2. Tulla says:

    I feel you, recently i tried to get braids in my hair sans extensions and it looked odd tome. i was first inspired by a lady on youtube who had my length of hair but looked great in hair mini braids but i was saying to myself maybe my hair is 4c hair cottony so it didn’t lay down like hers, i think hers is 4b hair but should it really matter what type of hair it is? my hair is really short but i can braid it twist it etc but i want it to fall or lay down, i don’t really care tht it is short. or should i use gel or something to let it lay down. I use my regular shea butter mix and my daily spritz nothing fancy.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Tulla,
      I’m not sure what 4c hair because it has been made up on the internet and there’s no agreed upon characteristic that anyone can point to. That said, I have what is considered to be 4B hair. It’s very kinky, very porous and has no natural curl pattern which give it a cottony appearance. I suspect that you have some variation of 4B hair as well.

      That said, when it comes to highly textured hair there are so many variations so when you look at someone who has a texture that is more loosely curled than your own, then yeah, hair will act, look and even feel differently from head to head. To give you and example, when I first decided to wear box braids, I wanted my hair to look like the lady who plays the mother on That’s So Raven. The first set was such a disappointment and I realized it’s because she has a softer texture than mine and that makes for braids that are a bit more pliable that don’t tend to curl up on the ends the way 4B hair does.

      If your hair is shorter, do your braids and then tie them down at night. That should get you the lay that you’re looking for when you do your next set of box braids.

      Good luck!

  3. LaNeshe says:

    Yea, after years of microbraids I found it a tad disheartening that when I braided just my own hair, I didn’t have that same fullness. They look lovely!

  4. Kcurly says:

    It looks lovely! I never had braids with extensions, so I’m not missing any fullness when I do my box braids (like yours but smaller). I remember being a little self conscious wearing them out the first time because I thought people who be thinking that I needed to have the fake hair added. Now, I feel fine in them and would wear them more often if they weren’t the devil to take out. I also feel a little strange whenever I see young girls with a bunch of extensions with their braids. It’s like “Why??”

  5. dimples says:

    Your braids look really nice, I like natural 2, I braided my hair once an 2 me it looked a mess but 2 others they thought they really looked good (yea) right lol but any ways how do u part your hair 2 get the brick layer?

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