Bunning it With Loose Hair

I think this bun on loose hair turned out nicely.

With my mom’s 80th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, and family due in town to celebrate and to take a family picture, I decided it was time to come out of my box braids. Took down approximately 30 of those bad boys. Seems to be I started around 7:30 p.m. and got done at about 11. 

My hair has been in box braids forever it seems. I’m trying to think when I finally put them back in. Maybe three or four months ago. And to tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re taking this family pic, I’d just touch these bad boys up and call it a day. Me and loose hair don’t get along so well. I’m not a fan of constant manipulation and the easy of care and styling of box braids with my length of hair suites me just fine. 

IMG_0955.jpg picture by NappymeAnyhoo, I also decided that dark roots and lighter brown hair ain’t a very attractive look so the other reason this hair had to come down is because I’m scheduled to get my roots touched up with color today. I haven’t had that done in about four months. I know. I’m soooo pitiful when it comes to maintaining that I’m tempted to just leave it be and let it grow out. 

The good news is that my ends seem to be holding their own, although I think they could be healthier, maybe even thicker, they don’t really seem to be any worse for the wear. So I’m definitely retaining length, with my hair once again BSL length.

IMG_0963.jpg picture by NappymeI love this length. Other than periodic trims, I’m done with major cuts. BSL (now I’d take longer any day) seems to be the perfect length for me. If I weren’t getting my hair done so soon, I’d rock this simple bun for a couple of days. All I did after taking down my braids was to wrap it around a hair stick which I then stuck into my hair. Then I tied it up, my hair up with the same scarf you see around my neck and called it a night.

This morning, it was the perfect get up and go do. Here are some additional views.

IMG_0954.jpg picture by Nappyme IMG_0952.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_0950.jpg picture by Nappyme IMG_0958.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_0972.jpg picture by Nappyme IMG_0968.jpg picture by Nappyme

IMG_0967.jpg picture by Nappyme

9 Responses to “Bunning it With Loose Hair”
  1. cc says:

    Your hair looks great. My hair reaches to my neck, and I’ve been wearing box braids most of the time now (I have cnappy hair also) because I also don’t like to deal with loose hair. What do you recommend to retain my ends? I’m not yet able to put my hair in a bun.

    • nappyme says:


      With regard to your ends, I say just leave them alone. Box braids are just the perfect protective style. As long as you’re not manipulating your ends, they should be just fine.

      Good luck!

  2. Ms-gg says:

    I told you already but this is very cute! I can’t wait to get enough hair for this style….I have a whole arsenal of chopsticks waiting!

    • nappyme says:

      GG, your hair is gorgeous at any length. But I too miss your hair. Can’t wait till you get back to a length you’re happy with cause I know how that is. But looks like you’re doing a wonderful job with it so before you know it, you’ll have it back and will be doing all the things you love to do with your hair.

  3. Kellistarr says:

    That looks mighty fine! You must have taken good care when your braids were in. Do you mind if I ask what was your regimen when the braids were in?

    • nappyme says:

      Hey Kellistarr, thanks!

      My routine was quite simple. I would rinse or wash them in the shower. Blot them dry. Use some good old fashioned medicated hair grease in my parts and along my hairline and then tie my head up for the night. Most of the time my braids would nearly freshly done in the morning.

      Then when needed, I simply retouched some of my braids periodically. Sometimes I’d do all the outer braids one weekend, then the top and sides another weekend and then the back yet another weekend. This routine keeps them looking nice for months on end. Also keeps the roots from matting and doesn’t allow them to lock up.

      I’ve been doing this for about a year now and it works quite well.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Nicole says:

    Your hair and your outlook is absolutely adorable! I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your lovely pictures!

  5. Joyce says:

    Your hair looks great as usual. Can’t wait for mine to get longer so that I can try box braids. Right now I wear the twists and they stay in for two weeks then they are taken down, washed and conditioned and back to the twists. I am into low maintenance hairstyles; can’t bother to do it every day.

    What about the site that you had for diabetes. You are a great teacher and had so much to offer.

    Thanks for your time and keeping us informed

    • nappyme says:

      Joyce thank you so much. Ya know, a lot of people think they can’t wear box braids if they have short hair. But some of the cutest box braids that I’ve seen have been on short hair. Just make sure you put some thought in how you part your hair and then tie your braids down with a scarf to keep them from sticking up. You should google box braids on long hair, or something like that and see what you come up with.

      Ah…my diabetes site. I do need to go and do something with it. I’ve taken a whole new approach to controling my blood sugar by only eating low glycemic foods. I also stopped my meds and so far my blood sugar levels are better than they ever were WITH medication. I’m also exercising regularly and losing weight. So far I’ve lost 26 pounds. Sixty seven to go but I only let my self handl it in 31 lb or so increments. So I’ve got five more lbs to make my first goal.

      Yay me!

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