Jumbo Twisted Bun


This is how I wore my hair today. Fat twists pulled back into a chunky updo with a hair stick. It so cute. Other than the detangling stuff Kessa put in my hair, it has no other product in it. No moisturizer. Nada. I'm surprised at how well my hair feels.


Well I got my color touched up last night, and I’m such a happy camper. Really, more than y’all will know. Not only did I have about three inches of growth that had not been touched up, the sun had bleached my hair a bunch of strange colors. Add to that the gray hair and my hair was in need of some serious, serious color help.     

So I get there at 6:30 and see that Kessa has a client in her chair. When she looks up at me she says, “Did you get my message?” I let her know that I didn’t. “What were you going to tell me?” I ask, “That you’re running behind?”     

“Yeah, that, and I don’t have your color.”     


I still haven't decided how to wear my hair for the family picture, which is why I didn't let Kessa style my hair. I'll probably make up my mind and do it Sunday night or maybe Monday.


 I go sit down as she explains how she thought she had it but just before I got there, she realized she’d mistaken one color for the one she used on me last time.     

Hmmm, I think. “Do you want me to go get it?”     

“No, they’re closed,” she says as she continues working on the lady in the chair. She’s just getting started on some two-strand twists. I sit there watching her twist this lady’s hair up. Her fingers twirling the sections at lighting speed. For a second my mind wonders; I’m in awe at how fast she’s able to finish that twist, make a new section and complete yet another twist while I’m thinking about my dilemma. There’s nothing worse than taking down a headful of nappy hair in anticipation of getting it done only to find out that for whatever reason, the beautician can’t accommodate you. My brain started racing through various solutions as I ask her what we were going to do.     

Suddenly I get a thought. “We’re just going to have to do box color then,” I say.     


Me and my niece. She's almost 16. Isn't she becoming quite a young lady?!


“Well let me take another look first,” she says as she finishes up another row of twists. Then she goes over to a cabinet near the wash basin and digs through a bag of product. Thinking out loud, she decides she might be able to get close to my shade by mixing up something else. After a bit of conversation along these lines, and listening to a touch of skepticism in her voice, I decide against it, tell her that I’ll just run to Walgreens to get the color I’d been using before I started letting her do my hair.     

Since she did my color the last time, and I didn’t have another bad reaction to the permanent dye, we were fairly certain that bad rash I got after coloring with the Clairol product wasn’t an allergic reaction. Most likely something it was due to me scratching my scalp or something. At any rate, I’m not concerned that I’ll have another reaction so my mind is made up, box color it is.     

So I get myself together, and we discuss whether or not I should get two boxes. She thinks not, I think I should. Seems to me when me and Regina were doing my hair in her kitchen, we needed two boxes. I think. Ok…I’m not remembering too clearly… maybe we didn’t. But maybe we did. I better get two boxes just in case.     


IMG_0979.jpgSo I dash off to Walgreens. Now right after work, I’d gone home and detangled that bun in my previous post and put my hair in some big fat twists. That way, Kessa wouldn’t have to spend time detangling my hair before she colored it. Truth be told, I’m very paranoid about other people handling my hair and the less they have to do, the better. I just don’t think anyone else will baby my hair the way I do so it’s best that I do the detangling and let Kessa do everything else.     

Anyhoo, that’s how I go to Walgreens with my hair in these big fat, wild-looking twists. As I get out of my car and go through the parking lot, this black lady makes eye contact with me and we both smile at one another. Then I realize she’s staring at my hair. That’s ok, I’m sure it looked crazy, and besides, I’m used to those kinds of looks when I go out with my hair like that.     

As we approach the door, the nice lady says with awe in her voice, “Wow! Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you don’t have a lot of hair on your head.”     

I chuckle. “It’s so THICK,” she says. “I sure wish my hair was that thick.”     

“Yeah it is that for sure,” I say as we both walk in, me in front of her and she still staring at my hair. I chuckle again as I head straight for the hair good aisle and think to myself that people’s reaction to my hair should never cease to amaze me.     

I make it to the hair dye, grab two boxes of Clairol’s Textures and Tones Cocoa Brown. Damn! These things are about eight bucks each. Uggggghhhhh. I hadn’t expected to have to spend money on my hair color. Kessa and I are bartering services. She does my hair for free and in exchange, I’m working on a website for her business. It’s a great arrangement. So I decide that sixteen dollars is a small price to pay for getting my hair colored so I push the cost out of my head, buy the color, and make my way back to Kessa’s to get my hair did.     

At my request, we leave the twists in as she applies the color. It’s at this point I remember that her color didn’t at all cover my gray the last time. I was disappointed cause that’s the only reason I get it dyed in the first place. The only thing that has EVER completely covered my gray is the Textures and Tones. So after all that, her not having my color would most likely work out for the best after all.     

When all was done, I was not disappointed. I detangled my hair again, which was still fairly well detangled from having done so before Kessa did the color. Thank goodness she did it in the twists for me because that cuts down on having a lot of detangling to do afterwards. I put it back in the big fat twists and was eventually on my way once again a happy, happy camper.   

Ahhhhhh…no more gray for now, and I like it that way!

8 Responses to “Jumbo Twisted Bun”
  1. Ms-gg says:

    This style is so cute Nappyme! And I will email you my address so you can ship me those earrings! Lol! Glad that you were able to get the color and coverage you were looking for.

    And look at you niece! It is good to see her again and she is about to be 16! Wow! It has been amazing seeing her develop into a beautiful young woman over the years. So good to see that you two are so close.

    • nappyme says:

      Thanks Ms-gg.

      Girrrrlll….I love those earrings. When I first saw them I knew I had to have them to add to my collection. My only issue is that they’re kinda heavy so I don’t wear them that often. But ur umm…no you can’t have them, they’re mine, mine mine!

  2. samantha says:

    That color is beautiful!! And I totally agree with you As long as they make Ms. Clairol there is really no need to ever go gray.

  3. avvonda parker says:

    Your hair is gorgeous. I can not wait until my hair is that long. I’ve only been natural for about mmmm..maybe 6 months? My texture is really thick and coarse so I’m pretty excited. Keep the pics and posts coming.

    • nappyme says:

      Avvonda thank you so much and congrats on being natural. You should be excited, coarse thick hair is the BEST! It holds styles well and you can do sooooo much with it. Take good care of your hair now and trust me, it will thank you in the long run. And I’ll do my best to keep the pics coming. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  4. dee says:

    There is a product called “Grey Magic” that you can use with any color that will facilitate the color covering your grey. You can buy it at Sally’s Beauty Supply store.

  5. sundayzchild says:

    Hi Nappyme, I really lurve the updo. As usual the colour looks good and as Ms GG said, it is nice to see your niece again.

    • nappyme says:

      Sundayzchild? I haven’t seen you around for a mess of sundays…lol! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment.

      Take care and God bless,

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