The look on my face says it all

This is soooooo why I hate wearing my hair loose. This, I think was due to my carelessness when I was trying to take the band out.
I ended up having to just break the knots out. I was not a happy camper.

But let me back up a little. Every year, about once a year I get this urge to wear my hair in a puff. The urge comes on very suddenly and then doesn’t go away until I take all my hair down out of my braids or twists and put it up in a puff. This time I just kept seeing all these gorgeous puffs on Nappturality. And then, this past Saturday, I saw this little girl at a department store. She was about three who looked remarkably like Raven Symone when she was that age. She was soooo personable, and I ended up oogling over her puff. Her mom, who was white, admitted she really didn’t have a clue what to do with her daughter’s hair. We ended up talking for about 15 minutes or longer about her daughter’s hair, and I gave her some product recommendations and online resources that could help her take better care of her baby’s hair.

Anyhoo, that gorgeous, nappy little puff was enough to push me over the edge. That evening I promptly, and against my better judgement, took all my box braids down and without disturbing the braid pattern pulled my hair into a puff. Within hours shrinkage had taken hold and I had a gorgeous puff.

As much as I love shrinkage, it’s only a good thing when my hair is in twists. It’s not a good thing on loose hair. Now of course I know this right? Nonetheless I thought I was mentally prepared to deal with my loose hair if only for a few days out of the entire year. So I tied my hair up and for the past two days I been feelin ruff and tuff rockin my afro puff.

IMG_0294-1.jpg picture by Nappyme

Me and my mom at a pumpkin carving event to raise awareness about foster care and adoption in our state. The pumpkins were put on display at the mall and then lit at a lighting ceremony Saturday evening.

I’m sooo feeling my hair in this pic, lol!

IMG_0299-1.jpg picture by Nappyme

In this pic, I’m actually showing a full-length shot. Until now, I’ve never been comfortable posting pics of myself other than head shots. But since this summer, I’ve lost about 33 lbs. and am feeling a lot better about myself these days. It’s been slow go and hard going but so worth it. Just 57 more to go!

Well today, Sunday I just fluffed my puff and get out and about to enjoy my day.

Then this evening, I decided to take the band off, check for tangles and knots, do a little finger detangling and then put the band back on before tying my head up for the night.

And that’s how I ended up with that freakin knot that I had to cut out. Utter carelessness on my part. Maybe cause I really thought I was getting the band off ok and then gosh dang it, the band got tangle up in my hair. UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Try as I might, I just couldn’t get the knots out. Yeah I said knots as in plural. Dag. They were wicked I tell ya. I tried to gently tug individual hairs out of the knot. I got a few out but ended up just having to break the knot out.

I’ma tell ya, the prospect of having to treat my hair like this on the regular just to enjoy my hair out is more than I can handle. For those of you who do wear your hair out all the time, I just don’t know how you do it. I realized a looooong time ago I preferred protective styles over out styles and this little episode just confirmed it.

I’ma wear my puff for a few more days, and then I’ma put my hair up. Hopefully I won’t get the urge to wear a puff for a really, really, really long time!

10 Responses to “The look on my face says it all”
  1. Michi Girl says:

    I don’t have alot of hair, but it is enough (7-8 inches in the top, 2-3 in the back) to do something with, and I prefer protective styles. I tried pixie style braids in my hair last weekend, and I will never again try them. They take too long to put in AND take out. I am a woman of simplicity. I like styles that I can do in an hour or less. I’ll probably try a cornrow braid out soon. I have mixed feelings about out styles. They do tangle more, but for someone with shorter hair, you have less options for updos and things like that unless you are ultra talented in styling hair and I’m horrible at styling my hair. When my hair is longer, I’ll probably alternate weekly betweeen twists, braid outs, cornrows, and a simple updo.

    • Charlene says:

      OMG…after taking down my 10 year old locs I was left with just enough hair for 2 strand twist, a little uneven but free. How I longed for this forward 2 month to the holidays and I want a nice style.
      So me against all that I believe in went to a african brading salon for some flat twist…well they turned out to be nice but a little tight around the edges. The lady told me it would loosen up & she had to do it a little tight because my hair was not permed and I did not want alot of the JAM in it…a week later I knew I should of taken them things out cause there was something pressing on my scalp at the front of each twist. Upon investigation I realize that the women had burned the tip on the synthetic hair into some hard pointy glob and began twisting my natural hair around that..after a few days passed I needed relief from that pressure on my scalp so I some how managed to cut that hard portion off the beginning of the twist by untwisting and pulling it out. However the damage had already been done..I had about 3 or 4 flaky scabs in my scalp that I was sure would lead to soars. I finall took it down last night cause it was flaking and itching Never ever again will those uncaring hair pulling braiders touch my beautiful hair…I will just have to work it the best way I can or go back to my natural hair care salon where I got my locs tended…maybe on this one to.

      • nappyme says:

        Hi Charlene,
        My goodness what a horrible experience. I’ve never heard of such. I’m sorry this has happened to you. I really hope your hair and your scalp recover soon.


  2. Madea says:

    Your hair looks great in those pictures. I soak the stretchy hair bands in a little oil. I use whatever I have available, usually jojoba. I find they slip on and off without breaking my hair. Since they are only a little oily, they don’t leave my hair greasy either. I can’t remember where I saw this first but it works.

  3. Ms-gg says:

    Hey NappyMe. I have 2 suggestions for you.

    1) When you wear your puff out for the first day, instead of sleeping on your hair with the band on, take the band off and replace it with a silk or satin finished scarf. In the morning, then you can put the band back on.

    2)When you take your band off after a day of wear, put your hair in big braids or big twists then release them in the morning. This will help to keep your hair stretched out a little better.

    Sorry about all the massive tangles 😦 I hope you find a way that can make wearing your hair out occasionally more enjoyable!

  4. Sabrina says:

    I think your first mistake was leaving the band in for a time. I never slept in my band. I also took my band out really carefully. You can us your detangling conditioner if you need some slip to help get it out without tangling.

  5. Kellistarr says:

    Oh, but you look so cute! These things happen. Whenever I wear contraptions (my name for accessories) in my precious nappies, I take extra care, as if I ws handling my daughter’s hair when she was brand new. You would think I was sooooo stuck on myself and hair. Because I know exactly what you went through. Next time make some quick plaits or clip that puff up in a few places before taking out your headband.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  6. Kcurly says:

    Hey girl. Love the puff. Sorry about the bands, but you should try soaking them in oil or conditioner before putting them on your hair. That really helps me with them causing breakage.

  7. Cheryl says:

    The best thing to make your puff with is an athletic stretch shoe string( the longer length)…put it around your hairline, then pull and let it slide up as far as you like…double it around and tuck the ends. Keep it in as long as you like. When you want to take it down, you just unwrap the shoestring…no pulling. Hope this helps.

  8. Msteedubya says:

    Nappy Me..I wear puffs often…actually too often and the same thing would happen to me. Therefore, I use small banana clips…your hair may be thicker so buy according to your need. Anywho, the banana clip gives me a great puff without the damage.

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