About cNappymeNow, A Forum for cNapps!

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

How it all began…

After I started frequenting hair boards about a year ago, I noticed something that was rather disheartening. I didn’t seem to be able to find a lot of nappies with hair like mine. You see, I consider myself to be one of the nappiest of the nappies — not wavy nappy and certainly not curly nappy. Wet or or product free, it looks the same…like plain ‘ole nappy, nappy hair. You know, the kind of hair that NOBODY wants. Shhh…don’t tell nobody y’all, but I have what’s known to most folks as “bad hair.”

Then something wonderful happened, thanks to the women on Nappturality.com, I truely began to love my naps. While I never hated my nappy hair (at least I didn’t think so), I surely had never embraced it on this level before. I had actually learned to love my hair unconditionally for everything it is, while forgiving it for everything it’s not. And for a while, it didn’t seem to matter that I couldn’t find very many people with a texture like mine. After all, I certainly could and did learn a lot from women with a variety of nappy textures on NP. But in the back of my mind, I was always on the look out for someone, anyone whom I could consider a hair twin. Someone whose hair would more than likely repond to the same products, or look the same in various styles as mine. In addition, my hair twin would also be better able to relate to MY nappy hair experiences both positive and negative.

What is a cNapp?
Then it happened. Someone started a wonderful “hair twin” thread on NP. Basically, it was an All Call to anyone whose product-free hair has no defined nap pattern. Instead, whether wet or dry, our loose strands each take their own separate route to give the appearance of a fluffy, cottony, cloud of naps. So we nicknamed ourselves cNapps. The response was tremendous. Seems like we came out of the woodworks to post in this thread. Who the heck knew that so many of us would find hair twins in that thread? Well I’ll tell ya, it was like finding long-lost family members up in there!

To make sure our albums would always be easy to find, I created a cNapp page on Nappturology 101, which serves as a cNapp Directory. This page also shows examples of nappies with cNapp hair texture. In just over 30 days, cNapp albums collectively received over 300 hits. Wow! The directory was definitely a success!

As time went on, it became apparent to me that there was a definite need for a new hair forum…one that caters just to folks with OUR nappy hair texture. It would be a forum where everyone’s hair resembled cNapp hair and members could truely learn to love and appreciate their nappier than nappy texture. It would be a place where we could see tons of pictures of people with naps like ours because unfortunately, it’s rare to find our texture to be used as the standard of beauty anywhere on the Internet and certainly not in magazines on TV or anywhere out in the real world. 

Well, the next thing I know my vision was in the works, and on Feb. 11, 2007 cNappymeNow — CNN for short — was opened up to membership via private invitation and now has a very small, but committed membership. Now that I’m certain the interest is there, I’m opening the forum up for general membership.

Soooo, are you a cNapp or do you know someone with cNapp hair? Would you like a place where you’re sure to get the specialized attention you need to help you grow, increase your knowledge and take your confidence about your naps to whole ‘nother level. If so, cNappymeNow is just the place to be. So come on? What are you waiting for?

Click join cNappymeNow for more information.

34 Responses to “About cNappymeNow, A Forum for cNapps!”
  1. inmynature says:

    to be honest with you I dont have ‘cNapp’ hair ( I feel kinda left out for some reason) though looking at the pics Im sure my daughter hair fits this description…Her hair is also dryer and grows slower than mines..I find that most of the products that works for me dont work for her, and vice versa…
    I consider us to both have nappy hair…but I had to treat it a bit differently. I like her hair for braiding alot, because it holds better and look nicer and neater (than mines) longer…
    I dont discriminate, I wouldnt mind joining the group to see how cNapp hair is taken care of…

    • Soulchild30 says:

      My situation is the same, the texture of my daughter’s hair is different from mine. Her hair grows faster than mine and different products work for us. However I’ve been reading a number of books (www.northparan.com- has great books on this subject) and checking out different websites including this one to gain knowledge and understanding of our hair and the best way to care for it.

  2. nappyme says:

    Hi Inmynature,

    It’s so odd to me that people feel left out because they don’t have cNapp texture hair. We’re sooooo never represented in magazines and other mediums, and once we slap product on our hair, it can be hard for us to find each other even on the Internet. So we’ve ALWAYS felt alone left out. LOL!

    Yes, we’d love to have you join cNappymeNow to learn how to take care of your daughter’s hair. Come on over we look forward to seeing you on the boards.

  3. CarmenNC says:

    Hey NappyMe. I hadn’t seen you in a while and decided to stop by. LOL. Now I see where you are. Congratulations on your new site!!!

  4. nappyme says:

    Hey Carm!
    Thanks for checking on me. Yep, now you know where I’ve been.

    We need to chat! Soon!

  5. cammy says:

    Hey there
    Just want to let u know I am also one of those who’s hair is also beyond nappy. But I can rock some hairstyles. I agree with someone’s post who said u never really see our kind of nappiness on commercials. It’s usually loose curls or twist outs. MORE POWER TO CNAPPS!

  6. Stinky says:

    I followed you from NP. Your picture kept coming up. we are about the same age, (from the same era) and i have “not straight” hair too. I am 11 months natural and dont know what to do with my hair. I was thinking of locs but then i decided i like the versitily of twists (and you picture kept coming up) so now that i found you, im back to wanting twists (even more) your hair looks soo purty in your pics. so what im searching for is how to keep the twists looking just did.
    i plan to thoroughly enjoy this site and surf the heck out of it.

  7. nappyme says:

    ^^^My name kept coming up…no surprise there. I’m just a tad bit addicted to that site and used to post like mad crazy. I’ve been weaning myself away from there but I still love it to death. Glad you followed me over and hope you figure out what to do with your loose naps. I think everyone should have a chance to really enjoy their hair loose and then loc because they truely want to NOT because they don’t know what to do with their hair when it’s loose.

    It took me a minute or two to figure out how to care for and style my hair and wow, now I can’t believe how much I love it. Girl, with some time and patience, you get their with your hair for sure!

  8. LDM says:

    I am so happy to find this website, I am almost in tears. I have some of the nappiest of the nappy hair . That hair that seems to break with relaxers and break without a relaxer. I have been natural for almost three years, but hiding under braids and weaves because I cant seem to manage my hair. It shrinks, its dry, it has no curl pattern. Really I felt like a lost cause and was pretty sure that I would get a relaxer this summer. But after finding this site, I have some hope again. There are other sisters out there without a wave in site, making this work. Im going to read this page cover to cover and try to work at finding out how to manage my hair. Thank you so much for creating a forum for our kind of hair.

  9. nappyme says:

    Hi LDM!

    Well I’m happy you found us too! Can’t wait to see ya on CNN.

  10. She-She says:

    I have cNapp hair!! I’ve found my home! If it’s wet, dry, conditioned, shampooed or whatever it looks the same. I might get a total of 5-10 spiral curls and that’s it!! I’ve been trying to find ways to bring out the natural wave pattern, but I guess I don’t have one. My hair is just free!! What are some good conditioners? My hair seems to drink the oil I put in and whitin a day it’ll be back to being dry!

  11. MystiOne says:

    OMG — I am soooo glad I mis-typed Nappturality in Google! So….I had a brain fart and typed in Nappturology and found this wonderful site. I am fairly new to natural hair and have been lurking on other natural sites, Fotkis, blogs, etc… By far, this site has the info I need to turn my cNapp hair into the crown of glory it should be. Thank you for taking the time to create such a useful site and I am heading over to the cNappymenow forum to register.

  12. nappyme says:

    MystiOne, too funny. Welcome to NPP101 and I’ll be looking for you on cNappymeNow too!

  13. relax2ouchnapps says:

    I am glad to have found this site… I came across it when I was looking for short natural hairstyles to wear at work…It’s hard being a Black woman in the military with hair like mine. One we have to maintain a certain standard as far as bulk and length. I have females telling me to just relax it… I am tired of the relaxers. All it did was break my hair and dry it out, Oh yea i almost forgot about the bald spots that would involunteerly obtain… I am looking forward to joining cNappyMeNow. I think that I can find ways to help my ouchnapps

  14. marjorie says:

    I have been transitioning for two months now and I am in love with my hair. thank you for providing such great infomation to help me through the process!

  15. Sherri says:

    Although I think this site is good for women trying to learn new ways of caring for hair, but I find it so restricting. I have had natural hair for close to 10 years and I do love it and alot of the things you talk about during your journey I have been through and back again. But at the same time you don’t offer much compassion to women here who are using heat just as you did before you came the conlusion that heat use is bad…it is like you just cut out what you don’t want to hear and you allow what you do…now I understand moderation… but what is the point of a forum if you only allow one voice strange??? this site just like the other site you mention often…oh what is the name nappturality I think…Its like your way or the highway…I notice that amoung naturals who have been natural for like less then 4-5 years its like they are on some natural renegade! to save all black womens hair…well anyway just my two cents…not that you are in a place to hear me out though…but best of luck.

  16. nappyme says:

    Hmmm…Sherry where to start. My initial reaction is that cNappymeNow may not be the place for you. If you find my hairboard too restrictive then there are many other hair sites where you can discuss straightening your hair. Try these…

    Naani-A New Era In African Hair
    Natural Hair Care for Black Women
    A Nappy Hair Affair

    Good luck!

  17. sexynappy says:

    I love your site and Thank You for standing your ground on heat and other topics, you have always gave an intelligent answer and it is left up to the person to do whatever they chose but they can’t say that you did not warn them. Thanks again for your strong stand and anybody who finds your site restricting, has there own “internal” restrictions so please my sista, keep up the good work and continue to stand your ground.

  18. SaxLady says:

    wow, I stumbled into this site from a musician’s site. I have been natural for 2 or 3 years now. I had the TWA but a few months back decided to stop cutting. Now, this is where I need help. My hair is TIGHT curls & my afro is definately compact. This is the first time my hair has been so thick since relaxer daZe. I work out about 3 or 4 days/week & shampoo/condition my hair after each workout (sweat big time). I use a pick but notice that while I have a lot of hair on my head, little “circles of perfection” are all over the bathroom floor. I’m wondering if I’m pulling my hair out. I’ve recently started parting, oiling, combing my hair after shampooing. My husband suggested combing before picking daily (just started that today). I do want to sport more styles but have to wait until I have more hair on my head. Well, enough rattling on for now

  19. Marie says:


    I could really use your advice on heat damage, but would love to talk to you via email and possibly send a photo od my hair if I can. Please email me when you get the chance. I would really appreciate it.


  20. Grace says:

    I stumbled upon this just searching. I’m not sure if I have cNapps or not, lol. I did my BC almost 2 years ago. I’m in my last year of college. 🙂

  21. hardhair says:

    I dont really have cnapp hair, its very coarse and by no means does it feel like a cloud. my twa isnt even a whole inch long yet and i keep it moisturised as much as possible but when i comb, pic or brush it theres small circles of hair in the comb sink etc. i see lots of ladies hair pics on fotki and have seen many pics with textures that really resemble mine, but when i get to reading what they say about their hair 99% of them do not say that their hair is HARD! what on earth texture is this considered!!? lol.

    • nappyme says:

      Listen, nappy coarse hair can feel really hard and scratch if you don’t find the right moisturizer. My hair was like that and actually I’m having a time with it this winter because this dry air is making it really difficult for me to keep my hair moisturized. Keep experimenting until you find a product that you hair responds to. After all these years, I’m still looking for a good winter moisturizer.

      A couple of products to try would be Proline’s Softener and Sta Sof Fro. I’d use the softener myself, but it smells like baby lotion and I don’t really want to smell like a baby. I was ALMOST tempted to buy some Sta Sof Fro today, but I can’t stand the way that smells either. I mean, REALLY can’t stomach the smell of that stuff, but it can soften up most any texture of hair. Make sure you smell it before you buy it to see if you can handle the smell. No point in buying it, using it and having to wash it right out cause you can’t stand how it smells. Happened to me.

      That said, anyone who has ever tried either one of these products have all said that it really softened up their hair. So I say give it a try!

      Good luck,

  22. nappyover50 says:

    I’m not quite sure if I have cNapps. My hair is fine in the crown and does not grow and the sides and back are thick and grow quickly. On top of that my hair is very dry and does not like oil at all. I have been looking at the post and was wondering what can I use on my “ttwa” (it is a 1/2 in. long) to seal it once I have conditioned and moisturized? I am just beginning my natural hair journey and would welcome suggestions.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Nappyover50 and welcome to my blog, Nappturology 101. I also saw and have responded to your post on cNappymeNow. So welcome over there too.

      About being a cNapp, I’d need to see a pic of your freshly washed hair, dry with no product in it. cNapp hair tells no tells under these conditions and if you don’t see a pronounce curl, wave or clumpy coils then you’re most likely a cNapp. The other thing is that sometimes you may need longer hair to know for sure. But anyhoo, check on your thread over at cNappymenow cause I think you have a couple of responses by now.

      Take care,

  23. Karabo says:

    Hello everyone. I’m A young 25 year old South African lady with a 12 month old nappy hair. I’m starting a new corporate job next week but I don’t know what to do with my hair. I don’t know how to care for it. Please help. I would love for my hair to look and feel healthy and beautiful.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Caraboo,
      You’ll likely get a lot of answers, ideas and support by joining cNappymeNow.com and posting your question there. Congrats on being natural, and I hope to see you on the board!

  24. Trinette says:

    Help! My last relaxer was April 2009. I love my natural hair and I have learned so much about my hair and myself during this journey. I found your site last night and I’ve committed myself to going through the site, but today I am feeling very discouraged. So far every style that I have tried looks unkempt after a few hours. I’ve spent a small fortune on trying products. I just don’t know what to do. My daughter is 11, has never had chemicals and has hair similar to mine. I have the same problem with her hair. Before I went natural, I would comb her hair with ‘grease’ and water. It is certainly spongy type, but I am not sure of either of our hair types. I am sure that my hair has at least two textures. The front is almost as straight as my relaxed hair and the back is coiled, curly. Our hair is absolutely gorgeous when it is wet, but I can’t walk with wet hair all the time. So close to walking into a salon and getting some chemical process. I am alone (I don’t know anyone with natural hair) and frustrated in my journey for healthy hair.

    • AJEFFERSON says:

      I would recommend watching videos of natural sistas styling their hair. Just type in natural hairstyles on u-ube and you will be surprised at the information that is out there. I personally like “family gone natural”

  25. Connie says:

    Dear Sisters,

    I want to encourage you all in the name of Jesus, to stop calling the hair Nappy. This is an European term that was coined for us to belittle our beauty and different hair textures. So pray to God what to do with your hair, God allowed the invention of perms, presses, oils, plants, & etc for beautification. And maintenance is required, no matter what you do to your hair. You still have to use products, chemicals on your hair one way or another, you have to twists, work, wash, work, braid, work, brush, work, style, work,& etc.. Even natural products, is stil considered that you are putting something in the hair to maintain and manage it. So embrace what God gives you to make you feel beatuiful. We are all different and not required to look alike. My aunts and most of the women in our family have been getting presses for years and we all have beautiful long or healthy hair. So pray and let God show you all what to do. Only God knows you and every hair on your head. Excuse my typos, eyes weak lately. My grandmother for years was pressing her hair, dying it and , using everything or product that these modern websites now say is bad for you and her hair look better than most twomen’s.. The key is to never change or mess with the hair too much. We change our hairstyles too much and put too much tension on it. Just my opinion now. God Bless and just pray and fast for God’s help.

    • Sharon says:

      Hello. I don’t think I have Cnapp hair, but the lady that started this forum wants to help and reach out to Black women that do have this type of hair. If she wants to refer to her hair as “nappy”, it’s her decision and her site. I do agree with the owner of this site that too much heat is bad for any type of Afro textured hair. Most women that use heat on a regular basis have damaged hair. It has also been proven that products with mineral oil and petrolatum are bad for Afro hair. It is best to use pure plant based carrier oils if you need to oil your hair and scalp. Sulfate shampoos are also bad for natural hair because they strip it of moisture. Too much heat also strips hair of moisture. Using high heat and cheap hair grease is very damaging to afro hair. I just wanted to add my two cents. Thanks.

  26. Tonya says:

    I am new to the site.
    I was searching for products that would soften and moisturize my hair and found my way here.
    I have been 100% natural..TWA now for 2 months.
    I don’t have a problem wearing my TWA, actually I LOVE the short look.
    I used to be relaxed for YEARS, then in 2006-2008, I was natural. I always wore it very short or just long enough to waer short twists. Again, I loved the hot look.
    I ALWAYS received resistance for my family (not husband), no one understood why I would cut all my mid-back length hair off. After 2 years and the fact that we were moving over seas, I finally let my family convience me to re-perm….(I also did not think I would find a beautician specializing in natural hair in Korea).
    Now, it is the end of 2010, we are now living in Germany. I have cut my ( pass-shoulder length) hair off.
    This time my desire is to let my hair grow out. Again, there are no beauticians that specialize in natural hair. But, I am very good a styling and doing my own hair. What I need is to minimize the product junkie and find a good moisturizer that will also soften my hair. From what I could tell from before, I have 4a/4b hair. It is VERY thick and course. It grows like weed…but also feels like weeds. LOL Some parts has defined curls but the crown is rather straight. I am a little hesitant about letting it grow out because I am not sure if I will be able to manage my “natural” hair. I am NOT afraid to cut my hair, actually I am known for cutting it without “blinking.” It has always grown back. Therefore, my goal is not to cut (anymore) and keep it moisturized.
    Please help with the moisture part.
    Since my hair is short, it stays packed. I have used creams and oils, I see no difference right now since it is short. But I have to rewet daily to unpack it. Any suggestions?
    I guess I am looking for encouragement, my husband is supportive ( he shaved all the perm off) :-), but, he is clueless when it comes to hair. Family, don’t and won’t understand. Again looking for ideas on how to soften an moisturize.


    • Tonnia S Smalls says:

      I am experiencing the exact same problem. It would be good to get some feedback on how to best manage this kind of hair. I open to any suggestions at this point.

  27. Tonnia S Smalls says:

    It was so good to find an article that truly represented my hair type. LOL….when I started this natural hair journey, I read all the various articles and kept coming across information on the hair types and I kept thinking to myself this stuff is nappy, tightly nappy, there is no curl pattern, so clearly I don’t fit into any of these categories. I am excited to have found this article that highlights another natural hair type. I have signed up to receive email messages and post. I will check your blog often.

    Thanks for thinking of the other nappy, nap sisters.

    All the best,

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