Ten Great Reasons to Go Natural

1)      Great sense of freedom and satisfaction to stop wearing fake hair and show off your natural beauty

2)      Stop using damaging chemicals on your hair and scalp

3)      More versatility and styling options. One style can morph into others. Twists into twist outs and then into a chunky fro. Box braids taken down and smoothed into a textured French roll.

4)      It’s more suited to our facial features than straight hair

5)      It’s unique. No other racial/ethic group on this planet has hair like us. We’re special!

6)      Nappy hair loves moisture. Hot humid days are your friend and not your enemy.

7)      Doesn’t require heat for styling.

8)      Once you learn how to care for your hair, it’ll be healthier than you ever imagined

9)      Can save you tons of time and money especially if you don’t become a product junkie.

10)  Sends a message to other the world that when it comes to hair we’re unique and it’s ok for black women to embrace, love and wear our beautiful, kinky hair in its textured, natural state.

3 Responses to “Ten Great Reasons to Go Natural”
  1. Cynthia says:

    I didn’t use any oil or grease on my hair for over 25 years, however, I just recently transitioned from the perm to natural. As a result, I was buying countless products to enhance my natural curls, but nothing works. My hair had literally stop growing and i was extremenly disappointed due to frustration i stopped using shea butter……for 3 weeks. Ironically, I noticed my hair started growing again and i was elated. Apparently, my hair grow faster without oil, grease, etc.

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Cynthia,
      Thanks for stopping by. I just have to be a myth buster as I respond to your post. I hate it when people think topical products such as hair grease, moisturizer, etc. have some type of magical growth properties. Growth from the scalp is determined by genetics. Products do not affect the growth or growth rate of your hair. Unless you’re experiencing some medical issue or are suffering from irreversable traction alopecia (dead hair follicles from contantly pulling your hair too tight) your hair grows. Period. Two to six inches a year is average.

      So lets say your hair grows six inches a year. That’s about 1/2 inch per month. But through grooming and hair care practices, your hair breaks 1/2 a month. Your growth can appear to be at a stand still. In addition, in this scenario, if you’re doing things that cause it to break more than 1/2 a month, you can actually make it shorter. My niece did this by wearing a puff all the time. It was cute as all get out. But the constant picking, combing and manipulating was snapping off her ends left and right. A couple of months went by and my sister was doing her hair. It had previously been down to her brastrap in the back. Now it was closer to her shoulders. Once my sister went back to putting in in twists and cornrows, she started retaining her ends and seeing longer lengths again.

      So in your case, when you started seeing “growth” again, you had actually figured out how to retain length and minimize breakage from your ends. Shea butter may have been your ticket (along with better hair care practices) to seeing more length retention but it absolutely did not make your hair grow.

    • JoAnn says:

      When I had permed hair I never needed to use grease or oils. Now that I m natural I find that leave in conditioner seems to work well with or with out oil. My hair grows fast just the same.

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