Things that can make your hair break off

1)      Lifting too much color out of your hair. There’s a reason not many black folks with bleach blond hair have long hair; it’s too damaging. The more color you lift, the more damaging it is to your hair. If you must go more than three levels (shades) lighter than your original color, do your research and then let a professional do it.

2)      Constantly wearing headbands around your hairline.

3)      Wearing your hair in the same parted style too long. This can cause too much stress on the hair along your parts and cause breakage

4)      Pulling your hair too tight. Culprits can be puffs, braids or anything done to your hair that causes you to have a perpetual headache, look Asian (and you’re not) or creates scalp folds. Test to see if can you squint your eyes or hold your head down without the feel of pulling on your scalp or even pain? If you can’t or if you have to take a bottle of Tylenol to deaden the pain, then your hair is too tight!

5)      Constant use of hair bands to secure your hair. If you use bands in the same spot continuously, such as a puff or a ponytail all the time, you again run the risk of stress breakage and/or traction alopecia. And not only is your hairline vulnerable, you hair, where it’s in contact with the band is also at risk for breakage.

6)      With winter coming on, if you live in a cold climate, then you’re likely to be breaking out the turtle necks, coats, hats and scarves soon. Winter materials such as wool can wreak havoc on your hair line…especially at the nape of your neck. Wool and other rough materials can literally rub your kitchens bald. Try wearing mock turtle necks, and silk lined scarves. If you own a wool coat, try draping a satin scarf across your shoulders and draped over the collar so that you hair line isn’t constantly rubbing against it. By following these suggestions, your hairline, particularly your kitchen are should make it through the winter unscathed.

7)      If you have shoulder-length twists, your ends could be at risk from the friction of constantly rubbing sitting on your clothes. Especially in the wintertime when you’re wearing heavier materials such as wool that can cause more friction against your hair. If you want to save your ends, you may want to consider wearing up dos more often and save hanging twists for special occasions.

8)      I know you might want to be oh so cute and wear your hair out in big glorious fros and twistouts during the winter months. But really, subjecting your tresses to the cold winter air can be one of the cruelest thing you can possibly do to your hair on a regular basis. The elements this time of year can make it difficult to keep your hair moisturized, especially when you wear your hair out. So this is the time that you may really want to step up your protective styling routine and opt for heavier products such as creams and butters (if you don’t already) as opposed to light-weight moisturizing gels. Or, try adding your favorite essential oil to your gel to make it more substantial. Apply to clean damp hair to help seal in moisture and keep your hair soft and supple throughout the winter season.

5 Responses to “Things that can make your hair break off”
  1. tazz says:

    This is great advice, Thank you for posting this lists 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    Learned alot!

  3. Calin says:

    So to me it sounds like your telling us to shave our heads because almost everything on here is an everyday thing. (btw you left out straighteners and foamy shampoos)

  4. Kathy says:


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