The look on my face says it all

This is soooooo why I hate wearing my hair loose. This, I think was due to my carelessness when I was trying to take the band out. I ended up having to just break the knots out. I was not a happy camper. But let me back up a little. Every year, about once a … Continue reading

Another Kitchen Update

Just when I thought my saga was over and my scalp was on the mend, I started noticing a ball of hair at the base of one my braids just behind my ear. So I took my braid down and my heart sank as I was able to pull this tuft hair away from my … Continue reading

Painful, Nasty Rash after Coloring…Oh My!

Ewe… I ended up getting this nasty rash after coloring my hair last Sunday. At first I just thought that I was pulling my braids too tightly into a ponytail cause by Monday afternoon, it hurt so bad that I took my barrette out. But just tilting my head back was painful. By Wednesday I … Continue reading

My Final Length Check for 2008

My journey…a few reflections looking back at this past year. My Big Chop As I was doing my hair today, actually just touching up my twists for what I hope will last till Friday of this week, I decided to do a final length check for 2008. The goal that I embarked on achieving earlier … Continue reading

Hair Weathering

I ran across this article a couple of months ago and meant to post it.  Enjoy.       How Hair Damage Makes the Least of What You Have Source: International Socieity of Hair Restoration March, 2003 The wrinkled, bone-dry, parchment-like skin of a person who spends much of their life in the wind and sun is said … Continue reading

Hair bands are doing my niece’s edges in…

Ok… I know I said I was done trying to educate my niece. But today, she was sitting in a chair, and so I had a bird’s eye view of her hairline. She’s taller than me now so I don’t often get to see the top of her head anymore. And just what did I see? … Continue reading

Breakage, Growth and Progress

Y’all, it’s shampoo day. Yep it is. It’s been a little more than eight months since I started keeping a journal. In fact, I started documenting my journey on February 14, 2006. Back then, my hair out of braids was still so new to me, and after I joined Nappturality, I really began paying a lot more attention to my … Continue reading

Closeup of Hairline Damage

  See the temple of my glasses? The third twist up from that is shows where my hair is broken off at and refuses to retain any length. My hairline was badly damaged from leaving micro-braids in too long and as you can see, my hair is two short to be pulled into the twists. It’s … Continue reading

Hairline Breakage/Thinning from Micro-braids

This pic was taken on April 6, 2006. I have major hairline damage around my entire head from wearing micro-braids. They served their purpose though, so I do not advocate against wearing them as either a means to transtion or just to wear as a hair style. However, you absolutely must get your hairline touched … Continue reading