My Niece is Nappy No More…

  It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. Poor some extra virgin olive oil out for my niece’s hair. About six weeks ago she came over with straight hair. I just thought she got her hair flat ironed. Yesterday, she showed up with very, silky straight hair. Today, we were watching a movie … Continue reading

Hair bands are doing my niece’s edges in…

Ok… I know I said I was done trying to educate my niece. But today, she was sitting in a chair, and so I had a bird’s eye view of her hairline. She’s taller than me now so I don’t often get to see the top of her head anymore. And just what did I see? … Continue reading

A moment of silence please for my niece’s hair…

Her length totally bites the dust! First though, can we all just have a moment of silence as we mourn for my niece’s hair. Sadly, she’s at that age, where peer pressure and being very cute is much more important than protecting her length. Over the winter, I’d been noticing that her hair was looking shorter … Continue reading

Such a cutie

  I can’t help it. She’s sooooo adorable. She took that do, pulled her twists back into a pony,  and put colorful banded ribbons on it and it turned out soooo cute. She said the kids kept asking her if she had kinky twists. Finally she told someone, “No kinky twists are fake hair, mine is … Continue reading

Hair Envy?

Y’all I found myself just a tad bit jealous of my little niece this past Saturday. Over the weekend, her mom finally got her to give up the puff, which she’d been wearing for the better part of a month. Saturday, she shampooed and conditioned it and the twisted up the back. Sunday, she tackled the rest. So out … Continue reading

She Always Wins!

Week before last, my niece was pleading and trying to manipulate me into doing her hair. Said her cornrows were “jacked up” and need to be redone. Personally I couldn’t see anything wrong with them. I told her spritz her hair with some moisturizer and brush her edges and call it a day. Well turns … Continue reading

Nappy Niece Updates

For sure my niece has no hangups about nappy hair. None. She has her moments when she wants to see it straight. And honestly, I think her other auntie who braids her hair on a regular basis presses her hair out before she braids it so I think she’s getting her straight fix that way. … Continue reading

Still just Hanging Out

 Oh…I talk about her so much but I’ve never included a pic of my p.ermie sister in my journal. There’s the happy family. Her husband works around the clock seems like so she and my niece are always over my moms. Puppy, as we still call her although she’s full grown, just wasn’t cooperating. The … Continue reading

Nappy Niece Entertainment

Just Hangin out Well, today, me and my mom got up to go to the Farmer’s Market down in the Old Market. She picked up some really good stuff like yummy watermelon, cantalope and fresh corn on the cob. By this afternoon, we’re sitting on the porch being entertained my by niece. She’s reading to … Continue reading

Nappy Niece at Spring Music Concert

I twisted her hair for this pic and discovered that her ends were heat damaged. Her OTHER aunt on her dad’s side I found out, was pressing her hair before putting it in cornrows. The cumlative damage finally reared its ugly head. Her mom had to cut four inches of hair off. She still had … Continue reading

Nappy Niece Two Strand Twists

My Niece in Flat Twists

February 23, 2006 Look at this cutie and those luscious bob-length Double-Strand Flat Twists (DSFTs)…she’s my niece…our future WNBA basketball player. This 11-year-old, 5’4″ dynamo plays on three teams. Scores in the double-digits most games. She’s also a straight A student in one of the best middle schools in the city. Told me today that … Continue reading