Crimped Bob… Pleasantly Surprised

All this week, I have been wearing my twists back into a french braid and tucked under. It’s ironic that forever, all I ever wanted was for my shrunken twists to sit on my shoulders. Now that they can, I don’t want my ends rubbing against my clothes like that. In addition to that, I … Continue reading

“Nice hair…Is it real?” Oh…and Carol’s Daughter!

  Friday after work, I called one of my best girls to see if she felt like hanging out after work. Gwen said she was game so I suggest Red Lobster for dinner. Since we both had things to do, we decided we’d meet at about 6:30 p.m. That later got pushed back to 7 and that’s … Continue reading

Swooped Updo

Here’s a do I came up with today and I actually tried a different moisturizer too. It’s called Texture My Way Curl Keeper Moisturizer Lotion. It’s made by Nature’s Best and is in their Organic’s line. So far I like it. It’s very similar to Proline’s Softener product, which I love but won’t use because it … Continue reading

More Ponytails

Last night, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and put in six flexirods. The curls were soooo cute when I first took them out, but by the time I’d gotten to work, they’d all fallen. Guess I’m going to have to use something to set them with. I’m almost certain plain water will work. … Continue reading

COLOR! I Finally Love It!

Six months after my last attempt to cover my gray with some color, I finally got around to touching up my roots. Only this time, I can’t exactly call it my roots can I when I had more than 2+ inches of new growth. I waited so long for a couple of reasons. One, I’m … Continue reading

Twisted Apple Pony

Well my twists are getting really fuzzy and they’re really stretched out and looking kinda stringy so tonight I decided to see what a high pony might look like. Since my hair accessories are pink, I just had to go get my trusty pink turtleneck out again to model this do. I’m calling it my … Continue reading

Curled bob

Did some more experimenting over the weekend. Now that my hair is almost apl all over, my styling options have really increased. Quite simply, I’m really loving this length, and I’m really having a ball playing with my hair.Since I was growing tired of my signature do and even all the variations of my herringbone … Continue reading

Herringbone Chignon

  To create this do, each flat twist is criss crossed one by one on top of each other starting with the one in the very top. Once each twist is incorporated, I grabbed some of the flat twists in the back and started making a french braid. Then I stopped near the nape of … Continue reading

Getting Rid of My Tail (Comparison Shots)

Alrighty now. I just knew that I had to have a pic of what my hair looked like in twists prior to the cut, and it figures that I’d run across one when I wasn’t even looking for it. But here it is. As you can see, it’s really ragged across the back before the … Continue reading

Getting rid of my tail…

First let me say that I’m soooo happy that I finally got up the nerve to get rid of my “tail.” Ok that may sound strange, especially if you associated the word “tail” with derriere, but in this case I’m talking about how, if left alone, grows in the back in a kind of round … Continue reading

Twisted bangs…so they’re soooo cute!

It’s really great when you are just “feeling” your hair; I know cause I certainly am today. This started about two days ago after being in and out of the rain for a couple of days, my hair was getting rather frizzy. Now as endearing as my fuzzy wuzzies were, I decided to touch up my … Continue reading

Faking the funk…

Not!   I was at the mall Friday evening when I wandered into a GNC store and started looking at all the high priced oils that a lot of nappies like to use in their hair. Then I spied a 6oz tube of a product called Nourish Skin vitamin e gel. Although it’s a skin … Continue reading

Flat Twist Criss Cross Bun Tutorial… A Variation on an Old Do!

This is my first time attempting a slide show tutorial. Hope it does a good job picturing and explaining how to create this variation of my favorite do. To stop the turning pages to view at your own pace, simply move your cursor onto the page and click on it to activate the Stop Page … Continue reading

Such a cutie

  I can’t help it. She’s sooooo adorable. She took that do, pulled her twists back into a pony,  and put colorful banded ribbons on it and it turned out soooo cute. She said the kids kept asking her if she had kinky twists. Finally she told someone, “No kinky twists are fake hair, mine is … Continue reading

Three-Strand Twistout (Best one I’ve ever had)

If you’ve been following my three-strand twist experiement, you’ll know that I found them cute but extremely difficult to do. My hands hurt for days. Plus they don’t look all that different from two strand twists…but you can tell the difference. Well anyway, I experienced the same amount of shrinkage even though they originally elongate … Continue reading