Three-Strand Twistout (Best one I’ve ever had)

If you’ve been following my three-strand twist experiement, you’ll know that I found them cute but extremely difficult to do. My hands hurt for days. Plus they don’t look all that different from two strand twists…but you can tell the difference. Well anyway, I experienced the same amount of shrinkage even though they originally elongate … Continue reading

Flat Twist Phony Pony Portrait

Jumbo Flat Twists/Fake Pony (Sides and Top)

  This is my new protective style for the winter. I soooo needed a break from my hair. If I could, I’d go back to wearing microbraids for awhile. But I’d never risk tearing my hairline up again just for the sake of style — especially since I now know my hairline can’t take the … Continue reading

Jumbo Flat Twist with Fake Pony (Back


Twistout #2

Once again, I was taking my hair down, so I could shampoo. Once again, everything appeared to be falling effortlessly in place. It looked really cute from the front. Back was really flat. I’ve noticed that. My hair is always flat in the back when I take my twists out. I don’t even sleep on my … Continue reading


This is my first twistout. I’m perpetrating though. My hair is filthy (due to a horrible product combination) and I’m actually headed straight to the sink. As I was taking my flat twists down, I noticed my hair had great twist definition and my hair was shaping up effortlessly. It turned out so cute, that I hightailed it … Continue reading

Flat Twist Bun/Twistout (Combo Style)

  Well, I suddenly got the urge to try a twistout on just the back. Ya’ll it came out soooooo cute. I took down four rows of double-strand twists in the back. I figured, since it doesn’t take me very long to do just four rows, it would be a big deal to do a … Continue reading