MotownGirl opened her web doors back in 2001 as a blog to chronical her personal natural hair-care journey. Today, her site is a multifaceted, authoritative resource sought out by women around the world who want information on how to care for, style and maintain their nappy hair. There’s a little something for everyone including hairstyle how tos, … Continue reading

Nadia Turner

Remember Nadia Turner. She’s the black beauty with the stunning fro from American Idol’s season four. After Idol, she toured with the top 10 contestants, hit the talk show circuit and made guest appearances at various events. In 2005, she was featured in Glamour magazine and also graced the cover of Naturally You! Magazine’s September issue. According to … Continue reading

Tempest Bledsoe

Check out Miss Tempest Bledsoe. Aka Vanessa Huxtable from the Cosby Show. She is absolutely one gorgeous nappy. I knew was natural but I couldn’t find a really good pic of her. Finally found one on IMDB. All I can say is wow Tempest…wow! Here are some of her most recent credits “Fear Factor” … … Continue reading

Kim’s Book Cover Photo

Kim’s one of my best friends. She’s been nappy for for over 16 years. I took this pic of her a couple of days ago. She’s a national best selling romance writer and now writes for Harliquin Romance. She recently signed a four book deal with another publisher as well. So, she needed a promotional … Continue reading

Allegra Bennett

Meet Allegra Bennet, the Renovating Woman. As such, she made her debut with 90-second weekly home repair commentaries on radio in Baltimore. It served as the title of her first home repair book, Renovating Woman: A Guide to Home Repair, Maintenance and Real Men, published by Simon &Schuster in 1997 and now out of print. She went on … Continue reading

Dalia Phillips

Who is Dahlia Phillips? She’s the Notable Nappy from Akeela and the Bee that’s who. You know, the critically aclaimed movie that hit the theaters this past April about a little black girl from the hood who goes on to win the national spelling bee. I saw this movie with my nappy friend Margaret, who was … Continue reading


This is an excellent time to give a shout out to Patricia Gains, aka DeeCoily, the founder of What I really like about this lady is her steadfast, unwaivering conviction and take-no-prisoners attitude when it comes to her no-nonsence approach to educating black women on how to appreciate and care for their natural hair. … Continue reading

Yvette Smalls

Yvette Smalls is the director of the video, Hair Stories (a series of candid, funny, and poignant interviews with Sonia Sanchez, Erykah Badu, and Joe Lewis among others, which chronicles the historical and cultural issues of beauty and “good hair/bad hair” standards in the African-American community). Ms. Smalls is also a lecturer, folk artist, and … Continue reading

My Best Friend Kim

Here’s my friend Kim. She’s a national best selling romance author and she’s been napptural for over 15 years. One day, she did the big chop and ended up with about four inches of hair. Said her mother would hardly speak to her for awhile. She got over it though…LOL.The biggest picture is of Kim … Continue reading