cNapp Albums

Special Note 2/8/2010:

I decided to write some words of clarification in response to various conversations on hair boards ( Media,  just to name a few) around the Internet that give misinformation about what cNapp hair is and whether or not it exists.

Please know that those of us with cNapp hair largely identify ourselves as 4B (or a combination of 4A/4B) on the Andre Walker scale, which goes from 1 (straight) to 4A (tightly curled/wavy/coily naps that show definition) and 4B (kinks but no clumping VISIABLE curls, waves or coils). Lately, I’ve been seeing references to a NEW CATEGORY/hair type called 4C, which is not a part of Andre’s scale. As far as I can tell, there’s no consistent definition or well thought out list of characteristics of this hair type and is only serving to confuse the hair typing issue even more.

What is cNapp hair, and what does the letter C stand for?
cNapp is just a nickname we came up with on several years ago, to identify ourselves to one another without having to describe all the characteristics of our hair. So if you tell someone you’re a cNapp, we automatically know you have hair that, when clean, product free and unstyled, has no visible curl, wave or coil pattern that shows itself off.  It’s just one big and puffy Cloudy, Cottony mass of hair. Hence the letter c in cNapp.  It should not be confused with the newly made up 4C texture that is suddenly floating around the Internet hairboard community. 

See the examples pictures below for more examples of 4B/cNapp hair.


Ladies with super tight unpatterned hair texture come find your hair twin! Link to original thread on that gave birth to cNapps. More albums in this thread that aren’t list below.

I am soooo excited. I have finally found my extended nappy family. Ok…let me explain. Our naps aren’t shiney, wavey or curly. And they don’t shrink up into clumps that show off well-defined coils of naps. Nope, instead when wet and product free, our naps all take a different route and coil and zig-zag individually. The result? Our hair, in it’s shrunken state just looks like a fuzzy, wuzzy cottony cloud of undefined naps…or thick wool…take your pick!

Join cNappymeNow.
A new forum just for cNapps.

Are You a cNapp? Do take care of someone’s cNapp Hair? Need a single source of good reliable information about taking care of, styling and embracing your cNapp hair? Wanna see a bunch of cNapps in one place? Yea? Then you’ll want to check out cNappymeNow…a brand new hair forum devoted to women with cNapp texture hair. Click Join cNappymeNow for more information! Related Link: About cNappymeNow.

This page is devoted to all of us. The CNaps. If you’re a CNap leave a message below with the following information, and I’ll add it to the list.

  • Your online name
  • A link to your album
  • Number of years nappy

Please Note:
As you’re looking through my site and come across pics of my freshly washed hair, please know that I would never let my hair (presently 11-13 inches…more or less) have its way and shrink to the max like you see in the pics above. Quite frankly, I would have to pay hell to detangle, and I just ain’t goin’ there! That’s why I band during the shampoo process…to prevent maximum shrinkage and make my hair easier to manage.

CNap Album Links
Also check out CNapp profiles in this thread Calling All Cnapps! Vital Hair Stats and Routine…Please Check In! If you’re a cNapp and you haven’t done it yet, please visit this thread and do a check in. Also, if you’re just visiting this page, I’m certain there are additional cNapps in Vital Stats thread that haven’t listed their albums here so feel free to go check it out too!

Bai (rebel)
Dewdrop pw: cherry
Gemie (free)
Frau (nappy)
Gilroyal (afrolicious)
Golden Afro Child (Golden)
Ketchup (pw coily)
Nappyme (Come check me out y’all!)

Queen of Coils
Saphia (oki)
Scarcity21 (pw ann)
Taniseka (pw lyerpantsonfire)  

95 Responses to “cNapp Albums”
  1. Khameleon says:

    I have been nappy less than 2 years…Feb 10th is my 2 year anniversary!!!

  2. Bai says:

    You can add me to the C-Napp list!

  3. New naps says:

    I’m newly natural 6 months and I have the cnapp hair type as well. I didn’t know so many people had my hair type. Thank you God for my nappy sista’s. I found you on nappturality web site and can’t stop reading and looking at all the beautiful natural kinky hair clouds. CNAPPS. I still don’t know how to take care of my hair. After reading your comments and others I think I will try the coconut oil and shea butter mixture. I’m also starting the no poo method. I don’t have an album yet but will very soon.

  4. LaBell(mzmephime) says:

    I would like to be added to the list.

  5. gilroygal says:

    This page is the bomb!! I love looking at hair like mine. Thank you SO much!!

  6. mscocoface says:

    I have been nappy for I think going on 7 years now. I have a head full of beautiful ebony cotton. I have learned to be happy and satisfied with what God has blessed me with. Come and check out my album and please feel free to learn, and ask me questions.

    Enjoy your journey!!

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  7. Blessing02 says:

    Please add me to the list. Will soon set up my own fotki. Thanks NHM for this site. You’re a star!!

  8. ambond0396 says:

    Hello, my name is ambond0396 and I am a CNapp!!!

    It hasn’t been updated since Feb 2006, but I promise to do better.

  9. Guapa1 says:

    HA! Look how my pic is up on here and not my album link! LOL

  10. BlackPearls says:

    This is a wonderful page. Plenty of resources. I’ll definitely be checking out these albums more often. I think I may be a C-Napp as well, if so you can add me to the list 😀

  11. gsutiger2 says:

    Your online name: Gsutiger2
    A link to your album:
    Number of years nappy: Few Months

  12. scarcity21 says:

    Pw is ann

    Last CFC Sep 2004
    BC March 2005

    Pls post link.

    I like what ur doing with this page.

    We are family! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rhoyalti says:

    I would like to be added to the list. My album: . I have been nappy 10 months.

  14. jazitones says:

    Now you know I’m a CNapp. Add me :O).

  15. Taniseka says:

    Please add! I was in the thread AuNappturale started, and suggested the name CNapp. I re-opened by album due to inspiration from this site that has been a great source of encouragement. Like you, I was wearing braid extensions for years and I also used to abuse heat with hot combing and blow drying. This is why I say that I’ve been natural since 1999, but only became napptural this year in May.

    Thanks again for the site

    name: Taniseka

    hair album: (updated today)

    password: lyerpantsonfire

    natural since 1999 napptural since may 2006.

  16. BrittanyanJ says:

    I’m working on an album, be back with linx soon!

  17. AuNappturale says:

    Hmmm, I see my pic up top, but no album. How’d that happen? I’m 5 yrs nappy!

  18. nappyme says:

    Hi AuNappturale,

    You don’t have a link in your signature. I saw your travel blog but no fotki. Leave the URL to your album, and I’ll post the link. Thanks!

  19. sandra says:

    I’m a c/napp or even a wool nap. I understand what is meant by “wooly” hair. I’ve even found if I treat my hair like “wool yarn” to take down twists and use my fingers like gentle knitting tools I can slide one side of the twist out through a tangled end and then use my fingers to gently rub out the tangled knot. I treat my hair just like it is fragile wool yarn. So I can relate. Some parts are like cotton though. I’m glad you coined this term because it is the best description so far. But just as a wool cashmere scarf starts to ball and show fuzzy, that’s how my hair does. So I’ve learned to embrace the fuzz. My favorite style is the two strand twist. And one of the things I like about it is: if I get the hand in from disease, I do a constructive thing which is to take a twist down and use my fingers to gently untangle it and then retwist it. That way I get my hand in fro addiction satisfied but in a positive way and my hair stays untangled: it’s easier to take down. I also find it satisfying to pull on the twist sometimes and then they spring back. Seriously: the two strand twist really works for me. I start off doing larger twist, then when I get hand in from disease I split the twist and make them smaller, After two weeks I take them down again and start over. Also I find clips or large bobby pens to be my hair’s best friend. AT night I pull on twists and pen them down in the direction I want my hair to go. I often can get the hair to stretch another 1-2 inches doing this. Also when I twist I don’t make parts. That way when the fuzz factor sets in I just rub it down with some moisturizer and it becomes part of the style. But anyway, no more rambling: I just love two strand twists and love my cottony/wooly hair.

  20. nappyme says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Welcome to Nappturology 101! Lol…I didn’t coin the term Cnapp, another member of did but it’s a very appropriate way to discribe our hair type. I was just so glad to find a bunch of nappies that have hair with characteristics similiar to my own that I had to devote this page to us. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and sharing a little piece of your nappy thoughts and routine. It’s always a pleasure when people do that.

    Again welcome, and please come again!

  21. AuNappturale says:

    My bad. I thought I posted the link. Here it is.


  22. Deb says:

    Please tell me where you get your twisted metal side combs. I have not been able to find any in the local stores and the only place on the internet has a minimum $75.00 purchase. I need a couple combs to use to make a beaded headpiece for my daughter. By the way–I love you web.

  23. nappyme says:

    Hi Deb! I get the plain ones from Walgreens. I’ll bet you can also find them on their site online too. You might also want to try Wal-Mart.

  24. treblk says:

    Wow, this is just wonderful, I just found my nappy twin(s) and it feels great!

  25. Samantha says:

    I am a happy cnapp. Please include me on the list!

  26. Queenofcoils says:

    I am so glad that I found the thread on NP that lead me to you website.. first I would like to say you have beautiful hair, I post so infrequently to NP that I miss out on all the good stuff. I too am a cnapp and hoping that you will add me on the list.

  27. Queenofcoils says:

    Ok I hope I did this right.. lol.. let me know if your able to see my link!

  28. senoj says:

    I am a definate C-Napp

    Here is my information:

    naptural since 7/10/03

  29. ruty says:

    i think this is where my album goes.

  30. ruty says:

    i think this is where my album goes (click on my name to go to my album).

  31. Taniseka says:

    Nappy me,

    Your site is looking better and better each day, and your dedication to natural hair care is awesome. Keep up the good work!

  32. nappyme says:

    Hi Taniseka. Thanks and I will! 🙂

  33. NappyRina says:

    I am definitely a CNapp….it has been a journey but I am growing to love my nappy undefined coils…at first I wanted springy curly or coily hair but I had to get over that & embrace my natural texture…I am growing to love my texture & learning to maintain optimal hair health & style..thanks for this site & links to other CNapps!!!!

    The password to my photo album is: cocoglow

  34. outremount says:

    I’m so glad I discovered this site. I have beyond Cnapps I say I have a 5 D lol. I never wear my hair out, but after reading the comments, yesterday I wore my hair out, without blow drying or pressing. I’m smiling.

  35. nappyme says:

    Outremount I’m smiling too!

  36. ChaoticSoul says:

    I’m still thankful for you doing this. Until now I haven’t found so many with textures like mine (w/albums)…Keep up the good work

  37. nappyme says:

    You’re sooooo welcome. I just trying to figure out a way to be able to to have an OPEN dialogue on MY site when we want to openly talk about cNapp stuff.

  38. sandra says:

    C Napp in the house. The Nappturality thread locked. So someone asked what products you use.
    Two products work for me(after experimenting for two years)
    Suave Natural Conditioner : Coconut
    (for co-washing)
    Organic Stimulator :Olive Oil Cream
    (for twisting,and to put on hair after washing for detangling and to rub on twists to moisturize them)
    I only wear: two strand twist. Twistouts don’t last. I found medium to medium small twists work for me. I pin them down at night with big bobby pins and stretch out the hair. And then tie down with a silk scarf.
    You can spritiz hair now and then for moisture with Suave Coconut conditioner (a little mixed with water in a spray container)
    I’m interested in other products which works for others. But right now : I’ve got a simple program which is working.
    I love twists and I love c/napp. When I can get a more detailed picture I’ll post. But if you have a magnifying glass(smile) you can see my picture in the profile section of my blog.

  39. outremount says:

    Sorry, but I did not include my site when I posted that I was a CNapp.
    I’m still smiling, so glad there are others who have the same texture.

  40. nappygoddess says:

    CNapp here! So happy this site is in existence! Im so proud to see so many beautiful heads of napp hair – finally! There was a point where I truly thought I was the only one with hair like mine, seemed like everyone I saw who was natural was curly or coily, and I felt like my hair was some kind of freak hair cuz all the products that were all the rage on NP did nothing but dry my hair out (I did finally get some good advice from a cnapp i stumbled upon, I’m now on the no-oil routine and my hair loves it!

    …God bless you for putting this site up! p.s. is there a forum on this site where threads can be started, etc?

  41. nappyme says:

    Hi Nappygoddess. You’re so welcome. I’m glad you’re finding all the cNapp information helpful and useful to you. In answer to your question about cNappymeNow. Yes, it’s a regular forum where you can start threads. lol!

    To join, go back to the top of this page and click on the link Join cNappymeNow. Once you get on the board, if you register under something other than nappygoddess, drop me a PM so I know who you are.

    Look forward to seeing you on the cNappyMeNow!

  42. Kmac says:

    I am for sure a Cnapp…formerly steel wool nap cuz i was doing the wrong things but now i know how to care for it and am using fabulous products, i know it really feels like soft fluffly clouds. funny how i just said this to myself this past weekend.

    I currently don’t have a fotki (too lazy) but i may be inspired now that i’ve found hair twins.

    I’ve been nappy most of my life really with a brief CFC interlude for about 7 years. this second go around has been 7 years strong.

  43. nappyme says:

    Hi Kmac!
    Well welcome to the cNapp family. If you’re so inclined, comeon over to cNappymeNow! We’d love to have you on the forum.

  44. alice j hall says:

    my daughter has nappy dry hair that easily forms baby dreads. we need help because we get headaches trying to keep this from happening almost daily. please help us. and perms just take our hair out.

  45. nappyme says:

    Alice, your baby’s hair needs moisture and protective styling. Honestly curl products work wonders on dry nappy hair. Also keep her hair plaited and don’t worry about combing so often. If her hair has length to it, detangle prior to shampooing with a good detangling spray and then band it or put it in loose braided sections to keep it stretched during the shampoo and conditioning process.

    There’s tons of techniques that you can use to keep her hair healthy and easy to manage. You’ll find all kinds of related articles here on NPP101.

    If she has a cNapp texture of hair, consider joining my forum cNappymeNow. We all have this texture of hair and perhaps you can get all your questions answered there. Take a look good look at the pics at the top of this page to see if your daughter’s texture looks similar to ours. If it does, feel free to join us on cNappymeNow. We’d love to have ya.

  46. nappyg says:

    my last relaxer was April 13, 2007. I have made a pledge to myself never to relax hair again.
    I want to leave my hair natural from now on.
    I love the double twist.
    How many packs of hair should I purchase.
    I love to look at your pictures.

  47. TianaTamara says:

    I definitely have found my home! My hair is this category no doubt. I don’t have a texture picture on my page yet, but I’ll be sure to add one. Here is my info:
    Your online name: TianaTamara
    A link to your album:
    Number of years nappy: 2

  48. nappyme says:

    Hi TianaTamara, just peeked at your album and girl you are simply adorable. I’ll get your link up soon…promise!

  49. taurusga says:

    Hi! I’m a C Napp without a shadow of a doubt. Check out my album:

    I’ve been natural for about 2 1/2 yrs now. I usually cut my hair off when it gets to it’s current length…I’m trying to resist the urge to cut…or maybe I’m not…I don’t know…:)

  50. I have been napptural for 1 year as of June 7, 2007!! I am also looking for further confirmation on whether I’m a Cnapp or not so please help if you can. Thanks in advance, your site wonderful!!!

  51. Nikki says:

    Oh, can you put my link up, too?

  52. nappyme says:

    ^^^Done deal hon! Check the list.

  53. Hello nappyme, I also found you on Nappturality. I’m so happy and greatful that you started this site. I needed to know that there are other women with my hair type. Add to the Cnapp list.

  54. I’ve been nappy for about 8 months. Say nappy

  55. nappyme says:

    Well Lilpuffykinks, I’m glad you found me too. Welcome to both of my sites NPP101 and cNappymenNow!

  56. Footsiee says:

    Hey y’all (we’re have I been???) Another CNapp checking in. I’ve been natural since the big chop on 12/23/04. Now I have loads of albums to browse!!!!!!

  57. naturalknots says:

    My album is a working progress. But now I have some motivation to post more pictures. You can’t imagine how discouraged I used to get looking at other albums with different hair textures. Now I feel like I’m in a sisterhood that I can fully contribute to! Thanks!

  58. nappyme says:

    Hey Naturalknots, yes I can imagine how discouraging it was to go through album after album and not see hair like ours. So welcome and hurry up with that album, I can’t wait to see your pics!

  59. Venetter says:

    password: gemela

    I’ve been natural since summer of ’01. My initial intent was just to get rid of the perm and sport a baldie…then the winter came and my head got cold! I’ve never looked back and now my hair is healthier, thicker, and longer than I can ever remember 🙂

  60. outremount says:

    Can I get on the CNapp list. I submitted my info in February. Thank so much.

  61. imnotmyha1r says:

    Can you put me on the cnap list? Finally a place for us with the tight curls! I haven’t had a relaxer since April 06 so I’m about 19 months strong. I am a product junkie as well as a picture junkie so check out my album. I created it like 2 months ago and I plan on updating it regularly. Going natural after all these years (11) is one of the best things I ever decided to do.

  62. denise says:

    I love my hair and I look forward to meeting other people like me..

  63. yasu419 says:

    Hello. I just LOVE this site! You have the most descriptive and complete information. It is very wealthy here. I hope more natural people come to view your site. Yes, I did post a link to it from mine so that others can see the details you provide.

    Thank you for being open and sharing your journey and information with us.

    Happy New Year!

  64. nappyme says:

    Welcome to NPP101! I’m so glad you found me and find my site helpful and thanks for providing a link to it from your site. It’s wonderful when people help spread the good word on naps.

    Thanks again and happy new year to you too!

  65. Naturalesque says:

    This is a nappy headed girls paradise! I mean I’ve always thought I had the driest of the dry hair on Fotki. Because all the albums I look at these girls make me sea sick looking at their hair! I thought I’d never find someone else with hair like mine; extremely dry, dull and very kinky! Thank you so much for this site! I am HOME! LOL!

  66. Kimani says:

    Been Nappy for the past 5 years and have not had one regret. Okay maybe I have, should have done this 10 years ago.

    Peace and Many Blessings,


  67. basbleu says:

    Thanks for the wonderful pics! We all know women who think they can’t go natural because their hair is “too” nappy. 😦 Work it, ladies!

  68. msdimpled1 says:

    I have throughly enjoyed this site and it is nice to see women with textures similar to mine

  69. Ready2BeMe says:

    Hello….I’m glad that I have found you all…I am still in need for some help..I’ve looked a quite a few fotki profiles listed and won’t consider some a Cnapp…I definitely think that I may be one…Come visit me at: I would love for some of my questions to be answered…I do need help …Thank you

  70. Colvin51405 says:

    I’ve always had a nappy head even with a perm in…lol…Anyways I started transitioning in April and really enjoy looking at other people’s hair journey and absorbing all the information I can from them. Please add me to the list. I would appreciate all the support and feedback cause I am new to this and I need all the help I can get 😉

  71. frau says:

    i just wanted to add my password to my fotki album that’s posted above: nappy

  72. the password is golden

    Nappyme can you please add me to the list of c-napp albums.



  73. Emma says:

    Hi I’m new to this site, but I really like all of the feedback you guys are giving. Thanks I almost have a year nappy 🙂

    • nappyme says:

      Hi Precious!
      What a beautiful young lady you are. I just visited your Fotki and it’s hard to tell from the pic you linked me to. It’s best to make a determination about your texture on freshly shampooed, dry shrunken hair with no product. That’s when your hair reveals it’s true nature. If you do this, and your hair doesn’t have any kind of wave, coil, or curl PATTERN then you’re a cNapp. Now this doesn’t mean that individual strands won’t coil, wave or curl. It just means that strands don’t cling to one another to show off a PATTERN. If they do, your hair texture is most likely a 4A.

      Also know that most people don’t have a single texture, so you could also have a combination of sorts. If it does, and you’re determined to fit into one category or another, you might do best to go by the predominant texture on your head.

      Hope that helps!

  74. Dewdrop says:

    Dewdrop pw: cherry

    6 years nappy

    Thank you so much for this site because i’ve been searching for hair-twins since 2003. Now I realize that my album was one of few cnapp albums available at the time but I didn’t know it then. Now i’m glad to find so many more! I finally feel at home and i’ve been receiving wonderful information about how to care for my cnapps that I wasn’t able to find before. Thank you for everything and i’d appreciate it if I was added to the list.

  75. Nettyboop says:

    Can anyone tell me who the lady in the three pics above is? She is my hair twin. The pics are located right under the words cNapps Album. I appreciate your help.

    • nappyme says:

      Nettyboop those are different ladies and at this point I’m I little hard pressed to tell you who is who. Although I know that one of them is and one is . The third one, unfortunately escapes me. And they all personify what we call cNapp hair. Feel free to click on these links and of the others from above to check out their fotki albums. If you want to see more of us with this hair texture hop on over to It’s a hair care forum for women with cNapp hair.

      Hope to see you there!

  76. Jay says:

    Has anyone tried those curlformers at Sally’s on this hair type before? I am a little apprehensive about buying them (just afraid they won’t work). There are some youtube videos about it but I am checking to see first.

    • nappyme says:

      I’ve personally never used them, but I’ve seen nappys with my texture try them. In my opinion they’re not worth the effort to get some curls that aren’t going to hold.

  77. PurAngl1 says:

    I am def Cnap. I am glad I found this site. Now I can find other people who can help me. I need all the help I can get with my dry, undefined hair. Thanks for creating this site. Please add me.

  78. Shalen says:

    Hi! I’m so excited to join this site. After looking at some of the photos, I already feel at home. I’ve been natural for about 1-1/2 years and I love it. I don’t have an album yet. Thanks!!

  79. Raynor says:

    Is it a coincidence that many of the cnapps featured here, on YouTube and other websites are loc’ing their hair? One of the YouTubers (can’t remember her name) actually stated that she was tired of the daily maintenance. Another whose pics were on Fotki, I think, mentioned that she was experiencing breakage and because she didn’t want to go back to living the LYE, choose to loc her hair. I’m still on the fence about going natural and this makes me a bit nervous about the time, dedication and patience it takes to maintain super nappy hair. Your hair, gray or otherwise, is absolutely beautiful, by the way. If I knew I could achieve your results I’d BC almost immediately!

    • nappyme says:

      I guess if you end up thinking your hair is a burden and you don’t want to perm, you might as well loc. But I hate it when people loc for this reason alone. Tells me that you’ve really never figured your hair out and so you loc out of frustration. Me? I just really, really, really, really enjoy taking care of my hair. I love all the styles I can do with loose hair. Once you get past the short phase (I wore braids through mine cause I didn’t know any better) there are sooooo many things you can do with it in the confines of braids, flat twists and two-strand twists.

      If you’re into short hair, or think you’d enjoy shorter and short hair, the natural journey can be such an adventure no matter your length. Perhaps I’m NOT the best role model for you at the moment only because my hair now has been about eight years in the making — it didn’t happen over night. So I think you really need to find other cNapps who can take you through all phase of your potential journey.

      Anyhoo, do your research and when you’re ready…give it a try and whatever you decide good luck.

      Take care,

  80. CT George says:

    I’ve been happily nappy for 2 years now

  81. Olssim says:

    What a relief ( I mean the new category). While I was a nappy hair girl to the hilt, I so didnt relate to the categorisation scale of most of the nappy girls online. Now I think I have finally found a home. Thanks nappyme. Now am off to visit albums and find recommendations for a good moisturiser!

  82. Olssim says:

    P.S: P/W to albums is Spring. I have been on hiatus for a long while, will start udating soon (hiatus included another big chop, a short stint of about 1 month, with texturiser, another chop and I have since grown a relatively big fro)

  83. tee says:

    This is great. I thought I was the only one!

  84. LyeNevaMore says:

    Ive been perm free, au’naptural for the past 7yrs. Just had my 1st baby, he’s 9mths now. While preggo hair grew well. Occasional thining on sides. I’m sure the prenatal vitamins, uber hydration & great diet helped. Last 5 mths most of the back has broken & fallen out. Some spots were smooth down to the scalp. After coming to terms with the neglect & evil ponytail that ultimately destroyed the progress that was made. I now have the courage to get back on the nappytrain. I’ve taken notes off previous comments on steps to nurture regrowth. Clairify, deep condition

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