Loose Hair (well sorta), Don’t Care

At long last my front edges are mostly long enough to be caught up in a band when I comb my hair back into a pony. Though I still have some short spots my fantasia gel and a tooth brush seems to be doing a good job of laying my edges down. It’s been really, really … Continue reading

How Do You Know When You Need A Trim?

Three months ago, I bit the bullet, straightened my hair to see just how bad my ends were. Prior to entering NP’s box braid challenge in November, I’d had a sneaky suspicion that they were pretty bad because the ends of my twists just felt thin and anorexic. Dispite the evidence, I was hoping the challenge and … Continue reading

Scunci and Goody Lead the Way

With New Additions to No-metal Hair Accessories Line As much as I love hair accessories, one of my biggest gripes with barrettes is that the metal clasp can snag and even cut my hair. Although I know I shouldn’t buy or wear them, many times the beauty or the practicality of one will catch my eye and … Continue reading

Gosh I love these Scrunchies!

The other day, when I was at Walgreens, as usual I made a bee line to the hair accessories and as always I have to check out the Tiff and Tam display. In case you’ve never paid attention to them, The Tiff and Tam line can be found in lots of different grocery, dollar and drug stores. … Continue reading

Accessory Obssession Continues

Last weekend was the first day of our local farmer’s market and I picked up these fun, leucite yellow earrings. Well that started me on a quest to find some type of matching hair accessory as well as a matching shirt. It took me a bit but by Tuesday of the following week, I’d found all three. … Continue reading

Being natural is more difficult than just having a perm…

A reader has color-damaged hair and thinks it’s just too hard to be natural. She writes… Question: I went natural in December, 2008 and it has been a challenging road to say the least. When I had short natural hair that was fine because I would just add a little bit of s-curl gel in … Continue reading

This is why I RARELY compliment straight hair…

  Yesterday, I’m in Dollar General when this young lady’s hair caught my eye. Walking past her, I turn around to get a better look. Yep, someone most definitely did a really good job on her two-strand flat twists, which aren’t normally done on permed hair. Usually, permies get “twisties” and they’re done with a single loc … Continue reading

Bartering Services and No Cost Salon Hair Care

Ya can’t beat that with a stick! I’m so excited. I’m getting my hair done for free. But let me back up.   I called my beautician several days ago to see how much she’d charge to color my hair. My roots haven’t been  colored since last December. But after my last fiasco, where I had a reaction … Continue reading

Uh oh… Am I a Product Junky?

 Ok… I think I’ve been in some sort of denial. Could it be that I really am a product junky? Over the past SEVERAL years, I done purchased a whole bunch of stuff that I hardly or barely used. Seems to me I liked when I initially used it and then later it either just didn’t … Continue reading

It’s the cutest!

Ha, ha! I think this is one my bestest most inexpensive finds EVAH! Y’all believe it or not, I’m still sick. But I went back to work Monday under the assumption that I was no longer contagious after nearly two rounds of antibiotics and two rounds of steroids. Even with all of that in my system, … Continue reading

Box Braid Challenge: Month Four

Are y’all bored with my braids yet? I’m not. Accessories help keep it interesting! Well last night, I finally finished up my hair. Sick with bronchitis for the better part of three weeks now, I’ve been getting a little better everyday and on Wednesday I washed my hair. And, I’ve been redoing my braids a few everyday … Continue reading

Seriously, I Really HATE My Hair

Sometimes! I’ve been very sick recently with horrible fever and chills, congestion, uncontrollable coughing, hacking, post nasal drip… OK, I’ll spare you the rest of the gory details; I’m sure you get the picture. This stupid cold, well the doc called it bronchitis, has left me feeling totally miserable and has made me miss over a week of … Continue reading

Caring for My Box Braids

Charting New Territory Well tonight I really wanted to wash my hair. Not that it felt or looked dirty. It just seemed to feel and look dry and lifeless. But how to revitalize it without having to jump through a whole lot of hoops?   Then I had an aha moment.  I got my small spray bottle … Continue reading

Dandruff Problem: Quick Update

Well, after doing three back-to-back treatments (although in my previous post  I said I’d do five), it’s much, much, much better. It’s not entirely gone, though. I probably should have done the five-day treatment and it most likely would be gone altogether. Prior to the treatments, usually after only three days, that nasty dandruff would be all caked … Continue reading

Exfoliating Scalp Scrub…

I gotta try this. Ini as in Roshini…as in Glamazini.net recently posted about a homemade exfoliating scalp scrub that she recently did that I just gotta try. It was made of brown & white sugar, honey, olive oil and rose castile soap . She did it in combination with a home-made pre poo concoction that consisted of Pantene Moisture … Continue reading