Me + Box Braids = Heaven

After long last, I’ve finally put my box braids back in. It drives me crazy to do them cause it just takes sooooo long for me to part them they way I want. I think the key to having a pleasing aesthetic is to have parts that allow them to lay so that you don’t have … Continue reading

It’s Time for the Works!

Well, I finally did it. I scheduled an appointment with my beautician to get my hair did. Sat. February, 20 is the big day. I’m getting THE WORKS! Shampoo, deep condition, and a protein treatment. I’m also getting my scalp scratched (the best part of the visit in my opinion) and a hair cut taboot. I’m excited but … Continue reading

Box Braids Revisited

Y’all might remember my first attempt at doing and wearing box braids. Did these (picture right) back in May. My intent was to do something similar to what T’Keyah Crystal Kemah does with her hair when she wears box braids. You know, the actress who played the mom in That’s So Raven and was also a Fly … Continue reading