Review Update: Urban Therapy’s Twisted Sista Curl Activator

My verdict: I’m neutral. My hair, when clean, totally dry and product free looks like and feels like dry fire wood. As a result, after I wash, I usually have to apply moisturizer to my hair very generously. A good moisturizer, after it dries to the touch (but is still slightly moist throughout) should leave my hair looking … Continue reading

Product Review: The Assistant Clip is One Great Find

The Assistant Clip On occasion, an incredibly, amazing functional invention comes along that can make our lives so much easier. That’s what this new tool is definitely gonna do for anyone who has wished for another hand when they work with hair. It’s called The Assistant Clip, but don’t let this nondescript, blah of a … Continue reading

Product Review: Motions Weightless Clear Hairdressing

I’m not big on switching products cause every time I do, I always end up running back to my Proline Lite Creme Moisturizer.  But a couple of Sundays ago, my formerly nappy now chemically dependent niece asked me to put a few braids on the side of her head. She pulls this product out of her bag, and as I … Continue reading

“Nice hair…Is it real?” Oh…and Carol’s Daughter!

  Friday after work, I called one of my best girls to see if she felt like hanging out after work. Gwen said she was game so I suggest Red Lobster for dinner. Since we both had things to do, we decided we’d meet at about 6:30 p.m. That later got pushed back to 7 and that’s … Continue reading

Moisturizer from Dollar Tree, Maintaining Nappy Hair on the Cheap

For me, it’s all about maintaining my natural hair without spending a lot of money. Can it be done? I think it can. But in this case…hmmm… am I setting myself up for a “You get what you pay for” experience? Could be.