Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue Product Review

Impulse Buy

Product Image Miss Jessie's Curly MeringueAfter more than four years of swearing by my cheapie Proline moisturizer, I can’t believe I actually broke down and purchased a Miss Jessie’s product — the Curly Meringue. It was an absolute impulse buy. I was at Target last night and was on my way to the checkout when I spotted the end cap full of products. Every time I see those dang products curiosity gets the best of me so I stop and take a look. Having just gotten paid, I decided why the heck not.

So there I stood and diligently read the labels of various product to decide what I wanted to buy. One product was easy to eliminate cause $60 is truly out of my budget range. But the Curly Meringue at $22, though a little pricy, seemed economical enough (yeah right I’m so damn cheap) to give it a try

But as I went through the checkout, I was close to having buyer’s remorse, before the young lady ever rung it up. However, after inquiring about the return policy (90 days with a receipt) I decided to purchase it quickly before I changed my mind.

IMG_0287-1.jpg picture by NappymeWhen I got home, I couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve been wearing a puff in my hair since last Friday night, and it’s been rather nerve-racking to say the least. I have a serious love hate relationship with puffs. They’re cute as all get out but dang they wreak havoc on my hair.

Most of the time I resist the urge to puff. But it seems to happen every year right around this time that I want to try something different and over the past several weeks, seems that everywhere I looked I was seeing some cute as a button puff. And that, apparently pushed my desire to wear one, against my better judgment, into overdrive. Then last Saturday evening, I was in a department store and I saw the cutest little three-year-old girl, looking like Raven Symone’ at the same age on The Cosby Show with a cute-as-a button puff perched up top her head. That did it. I promptly went home, took down my box braids and ended up with my own puff, which was quite adorable if I may say so myself.

Ah so with my hair fixed in a low puff, in spite of giving way to massive shrinkage and inevitable tangles galore, I had totally intended to wear it for at least a week. My mishap with a rubber band and the visible kinky balls forming in my puff really convinced me that time frame wasn’t a good idea. With Curly Meringue in hand last night, I figured this was a good time to tackle the detangling process and give my new hair product a try.

First I tackled the top and the sides. My hair in the top is looser in texture than everywhere else so I always start there. I parted my hair on the side, secured the loose hair and applied the Meringue liberally to my hair primarily because my hair felt very dry and partly because, well, I’m just heavy-handed that way. Starting at the roots and then dabbing more product into the section to the tips, I then began to smooth it in. Then I tackled the tangles, using my fingers to separate and pull hair from the center of knots, hoping to salvage as much hair as possible. More often than not, I was successful, but occasionally, I had to cut out a knot.

Then I broke out my Denman. That’s the big gun. I discovered that the meringue by itself didn’t give my hair enough slippage so I ran my hand under some water to wet it down a little bit. Ummm, yeah, I had better slippage but then shrinkage fiercely set in. So I had to keep my hair stretched as I worked the brush tip to root, through my hair, stopping to occasionally works some broken or shed hair loose with my fingers.

I didn’t lose a ton of hair, but make no mistake about it; I did experience a little random breakage. A little is normal, but in this case there was a little more than I normally have because this time around I was working with an unusually tangled and knotted head full of hair. Under normal circumstances, my hair is rarely out of a protective style — not even when I wash.

As I went along, I quickly discovered that I needn’t be so generous in my application of product. A little actually went a long way. That’s most likely because I already have some Proline moisturizer in my hair. It’s not always a good thing to layer product so I was hoping I would have a decent outcome. I think I did. As I worked my way through my hair, and twisted each section up, I really liked how well moisturized it left my hair looking and feeling — thick, luscious and healthy — despite the fact  it had been utterly traumatized in that dang puff. 

While I liked it, I’m sure the real test of the product’s capabilities will be more true and apparent after I wash my hair. But today anyway, my hair looks awesome. It’s also incredibly touchable, not greasy at all, which was my biggest concern, even in the areas where I was too generous with product.

This weekend, I’ma try it out on my freshly washed hair. Based on my experience so far, I’m expecting nothing but good things from this product. I’d love for that to be case cause if it works, I’ll be switching over to this for my winter moisturizer. I can’t wait cause, honestly, I’ve never been a fan of heavy buttery type moisturizers, but so far so good. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give it an even more enthusiastic two thumbs up this weekend.


One Response to “Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue Product Review”
  1. Tashina says:

    Impulse buy indeed. I am shocked to see you purchase something that costs more than $3.

    On another note, it’s really nice that Target offers those products (Jane Carter, Shea Moisture, Kinky Curly, Miss Jessie’s, Curls). I ever decide to purchase those kinds of products again, I am happy to know that I don’t have to order them online.

    I’m actually about to read your post about ‘puffs’. I finally have knotting/tangles under control, and I know it’s a result of ceasing (dramatic) puffs and wash n gos. No more for me. I think I might wear a puff like once every blue moon.

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