How Do You Know When You Need A Trim?

Three months ago, I bit the bullet, straightened my hair to see just how bad my ends were. Prior to entering NP’s box braid challenge in November, I’d had a sneaky suspicion that they were pretty bad because the ends of my twists just felt thin and anorexic. Dispite the evidence, I was hoping the challenge and … Continue reading

Scunci and Goody Lead the Way

With New Additions to No-metal Hair Accessories Line As much as I love hair accessories, one of my biggest gripes with barrettes is that the metal clasp can snag and even cut my hair. Although I know I shouldn’t buy or wear them, many times the beauty or the practicality of one will catch my eye and … Continue reading

Gosh I love these Scrunchies!

The other day, when I was at Walgreens, as usual I made a bee line to the hair accessories and as always I have to check out the Tiff and Tam display. In case you’ve never paid attention to them, The Tiff and Tam line can be found in lots of different grocery, dollar and drug stores. … Continue reading

Accessory Obssession Continues

Last weekend was the first day of our local farmer’s market and I picked up these fun, leucite yellow earrings. Well that started me on a quest to find some type of matching hair accessory as well as a matching shirt. It took me a bit but by Tuesday of the following week, I’d found all three. … Continue reading

Being natural is more difficult than just having a perm…

A reader has color-damaged hair and thinks it’s just too hard to be natural. She writes… Question: I went natural in December, 2008 and it has been a challenging road to say the least. When I had short natural hair that was fine because I would just add a little bit of s-curl gel in … Continue reading