Herringbone Chignon

  To create this do, each flat twist is criss crossed one by one on top of each other starting with the one in the very top. Once each twist is incorporated, I grabbed some of the flat twists in the back and started making a french braid. Then I stopped near the nape of … Continue reading

She Always Wins!

Week before last, my niece was pleading and trying to manipulate me into doing her hair. Said her cornrows were “jacked up” and need to be redone. Personally I couldn’t see anything wrong with them. I told her spritz her hair with some moisturizer and brush her edges and call it a day. Well turns … Continue reading

Double Flat Twist Puff

 One of the main reasons I do such intricate flat twist style is because of my broken off hairline. As long as my hair is, my hairline prevents me from trying styles where I could just brush the top back. I shampooed last night but am not ready to do any intricate twist or flat twist hair … Continue reading

Flat Twist Phony Pony Portrait

Jumbo Flat Twists/Fake Pony (Sides and Top)

  This is my new protective style for the winter. I soooo needed a break from my hair. If I could, I’d go back to wearing microbraids for awhile. But I’d never risk tearing my hairline up again just for the sake of style — especially since I now know my hairline can’t take the … Continue reading

Jumbo Flat Twist with Fake Pony (Back


Flat Twist/Loose Puff