She Always Wins!

Week before last, my niece was pleading and trying to manipulate me into doing her hair. Said her cornrows were “jacked up” and need to be redone. Personally I couldn’t see anything wrong with them. I told her spritz her hair with some moisturizer and brush her edges and call it a day. Well turns … Continue reading

“I wish I could’ve been mixed”

Yeah right? Ok, I’m over to my mom’s, and my niece is sitting on the sofa feeding her face. She speaks, and I give her some big wet smootches on her forehead. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes and says, “Auntie. What am I going to do about my hair?” So I tilt … Continue reading

“Oh girl, You Got That Good Hair”

At work, this lady had been wearing cornrows for awhile. She finally took them out. So when I saw her this morning, I noticed and decided to make small talk about her hair… Me: “Oh…you took your cornrows out.” Coworker: “Yeah, I just got my relaxer done over the weekend. I’m trying to get my … Continue reading

Oprah Disses Nappy Hair

Psyche! Just another one of my silly nappy dreams On cNappymeNow, someone posted a thread about using threading as a means to stretch your hair to show more length — as opposed to using the traditional nap destroying method of blowing drying to achieve the same desired result. Now if you’re not familiar with this technique, click FOTKI to … Continue reading

My Unstyled Napps and My Driver’s License

Ok… I was totally unprepared for this. Up until last summer, I had been hanging on to my out-of-state driver’s license and refusing to get a current one. Well, I lost it. So I went dang near all summer without a license. But things kept coming up where I needed to show a picture ID, and … Continue reading