Banding and Shampooing

Ok…ya know what? Earlier this summer, I had an ephiphany about my hair. I discovered that it was long. I’ve been so busy trying to obtain length, that somehow I missed the fact that I’ve got it. The top now stretches about two inches below my chin. The back and sides now stretches below my … Continue reading

Conditioning Made Easy

Now that my hair is squeaky clean, it’s time to condition it. I’m holding in my hand (geeze I look soo geeky y’all but if I don’t smile I just look mad) my Aubrey’s GPB All natural conditioner. The GPB stands for glycogen, protein, balancing conditioner.  It’s formulated for all hair types, and here’s the … Continue reading

Drying, Moisturizing and Styling My Hair

Ok! All done. As you can see, my hair wanted to desperately shrink up the bands kept it stretched out. Side view. It did shrink some but the point is that it will not be tangled up as I start to work with it now section by section.   Here, I’ve taken one of the … Continue reading