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Nappy/ethinic hair care issues in the news. Here are links to some articles I think you might enjoy. It doesn’t matter how old they are because our hair issues didn’t begin the day I started Nappturology 101. So check back often as I’m always on the lookout for a good article to add to this section. And if you’ve got an update to any of the stories below please Email me at or post a comment below. Please leave give a me brief discription of the update and a link to the source if possible. Thanks and enjoy!

Teen Segregated Because of Hair Braids
Source: Manchester Evening News (Jan. 18, 2006)

I Freed Myself When I Embraced My Locks
Source: Newsweek My Turn (, Jan. 2007)
By Evette Collins

Twists, locs, cornrows banned; protests with online petition
Police Appearance Policy
Raises Racial Sensitivity Issues

Natural by Choice
Source: Houston Chronical Nov. 10, 2006

Nappyme’s feature in Naturally You! Online Magazine  (How Cool is that?)

Big Players Woo Ethinic Hair Care Market
(Source) Chicago Tribune (2002)
Although this is an older article, I think it’s important to see who owns whom in the hair care industry.

Dillard’s Disses Ethnic Hair 
Source: Court TV April 2006

Six Flags Does Not Like Locs
Source: Washington Post June 2006

Black Enterprise Says Locs Unprofessional
Source: Maynard Institute for Journalism Education

Fast Food Workers Allowed to Wear Braids
Source: New York Times Sept. 3, 1995

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