Bucket List Debut!

I’m so excited to introduce this new section. Called the Bucket Lists for Ladies with Natural Hair, it’ll include information about every topic imaginable when it comes to African textured hair. Hair care, myths, natural women with long hair, fun things about natural hair. You name it, I’ve got a list for it. If not, heck, I’ll make one up. Check back often because I’ll be adding lists frequently and some will be a work in progress so please be patient. If you have an idea for a topic let me know and/or feel free to add to the list by way of the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Take care and enjoy! Click a topic below to access the lists.

1)      Things that can make your hair break off

2)      Great hair styles to do on loose natural hair

3)      Reasons to go natural

4)      Things to avoid putting in, on or near your hair

5)      Nap friendly hair accessories

6)       Type 4 long-haired nappy women with mad styling skills

7)      Myth busters about natural hair

8)      Great natural hair sites blogs

9)      Great products for natural hair

10)  Worst hair products ever!

11)  Beautiful natural women

12)  Beautiful TWAs

13)  Great Nappy Quotes

14)  Heads of Beautiful Box Braids

15)  Women with WonderfulTwistouts

16)  Great Internet Resources for Natural Hair

17)  Famous Natural Women

18)  Stupid things said about natural hair

19)  Fun things about natural hair

20)  Frustrating things about natural hair

21)  Good Ingredients for natural hair

22)  Great Fotki Albums

23)  Ways to detangle your hair

24)  TV Commercials w/naturals in them

25)  Favorite Naturals

26)  Type 4 Natural women with mad styling skills

27)  Nappy Divas

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