New Lengths

Ok… this was a really fun discovery, to find out that my length in the top is longer than my forearm. I’ve only ever dreamed of this length and wow… here it is. I am starting to find that I cannot style touch up my full head of twists in one sitting anymore. It just … Continue reading

Final Results from Nappturality 2008 BSL Challange

Merry Christmas everyone! Earlier this year, I started a BSL challenge on Nappturality cause I wanted some company on my quest to see my hair reach that lengh…a length that I’ve never, ever seen on my head before. I didn’t even know if I could get there but I wanted to try. Well honestly, I … Continue reading

My Final Length Check for 2008

My journey…a few reflections looking back at this past year. My Big Chop As I was doing my hair today, actually just touching up my twists for what I hope will last till Friday of this week, I decided to do a final length check for 2008. The goal that I embarked on achieving earlier … Continue reading

2008 BSL Challenge

Ok… If y’all frequent nappturality then you know that back in December I started a Bra Strap Hair-Length Challenge. Basically, I invited anyone who was in striking distance of growing their hair (kitchen/nape area) to reach their bra strap within the next year to join me in charting their progress toward this goal. To my … Continue reading

Hair Envy?

Y’all I found myself just a tad bit jealous of my little niece this past Saturday. Over the weekend, her mom finally got her to give up the puff, which she’d been wearing for the better part of a month. Saturday, she shampooed and conditioned it and the twisted up the back. Sunday, she tackled the rest. So out … Continue reading

New Growth Comparison Pics

It’s really too soon to do these but someone on NP posted a hair growth comparison thread, and I decided to participate. My goal is really to do these every six months. The longer my hair gets, the harder it is to see the growth. When I take my hair down to style it or … Continue reading

Growth Progress December 14, 2006; Waistlength hair a possibility?

Ok…until I can get a better pic this will have to suffice. I was dying to see how much length I’ve retained in six months. As you can see, my hair in this sample looks to be about four inches away from my bra snaps. Ok…see, I know that some people call this your bra … Continue reading

Breakage, Growth and Progress

Y’all, it’s shampoo day. Yep it is. It’s been a little more than eight months since I started keeping a journal. In fact, I started documenting my journey on February 14, 2006. Back then, my hair out of braids was still so new to me, and after I joined Nappturality, I really began paying a lot more attention to my … Continue reading

Growth Comparison April-Oct 2006

 It’s not December 3. These pic were taken in April 2006. Problem is I can’t really tell where I sampled from in order to get a good comparison some 8 months later.   Well, as of late, I’ve been a little curious about whether or not I’ve made much progress retaining any length. Just on visual … Continue reading

Lookie at My Length!

It’s Shampoo Day (Moisturizing)

Extremely Dry Hair When I first started wearing my hair completely natural…meaning no more micro braids with weave hair added in, I really had no idea what to do with my hair other than a press and curl. Since I was working out all the time (boy do I need to start going back to … Continue reading