Moisturizer from Dollar Tree, Maintaining Nappy Hair on the Cheap

For me, it’s all about maintaining my natural hair without spending a lot of money. Can it be done? I think it can. But in this case…hmmm… am I setting myself up for a “You get what you pay for” experience? Could be.

cNapp Pride…Spread the Word!

Ok…I had a burst of creative energy over the holiday break and decided to make some banners. One declares pride in the texture of our cNapp hair and both provides advertising for If ya haven’t gotten the word yet, it’s a thriving little forum that I started earlier this year that caters to women who … Continue reading

Hair Boogers…Oh My!

What’s the worse mixture of products that you’ve ever put in your hair? Or the worse thing you’ve ever done to your hair? This is a question I posed to members of my hair board,, which has become a thriving little community for women who want to celebrate, learn about and share their experiences … Continue reading

Black Hair Care Guide: How to Winterize Your Hair

Found this article on a site called I thought it was well-written and contained some good solid information and reminders about caring for nappy hair so I’d thought I’d share. Enjoy!  Date updated: April 20, 2007 By Tina Johnson-Marcel  With hundreds of hair care products on the market, making the right choice can be confusing. … Continue reading