Nov. 10, 2006, 2:05PM Natural choice Tired of spending hours and money every week in salons, more black women are giving up chemically treated hair By JOY SEWING Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle I am not my hair. I am not this skin. I am not your expectations. No, no. I am not my hair. I … Continue reading

My Naps as Art III (My First BAA in 30 years!)

Ok…I gave up on the fuzz. Couldn’t eek another day out of my last do. On the plus side , I actually  made it 6 days before it started looking like a walked on shag carpet. Usually, my hair can look like that after only about 2 or three days. So being able to go that long was … Continue reading

Got FrizZ? Embracing Yet Another Unique Characteristic of Nappy Hair

I have to laugh. I have never been one to consider frizz or fuzz my friend. While I’ve come to love shrinkage…makes my twisted hair styles look thicker and fuller…me and frizz? Well, let’s just say that I, like a lot of nappies, are always looking for ways to keep our hairstyles looking nice and … Continue reading


MotownGirl opened her web doors back in 2001 as a blog to chronical her personal natural hair-care journey. Today, her site is a multifaceted, authoritative resource sought out by women around the world who want information on how to care for, style and maintain their nappy hair. There’s a little something for everyone including hairstyle how tos, … Continue reading

Twistie Bob/Half Bun (Two-in-one-do)

 Ok…I tried to twist this do to fashion a Bob hair style. To that end, it does somewhat resemble a bob. Problem is, I’m not crazy about how flat it is on the top and how thin it looks on my right side. I think it’s thin because of where I cut out a lot … Continue reading

My Naps as Art II

 Double Flat Twist Puff I’m really liking this quick, easy do. This can take 10-20 minutes to do on already stretched hair. My broken off edges only allows this style to last maybe two days. But that’s ok cause it takes less time than mentioned above to touch it up. I haven’t done it yet, but … Continue reading

Banding and Shampooing

Ok…ya know what? Earlier this summer, I had an ephiphany about my hair. I discovered that it was long. I’ve been so busy trying to obtain length, that somehow I missed the fact that I’ve got it. The top now stretches about two inches below my chin. The back and sides now stretches below my … Continue reading

Conditioning Made Easy

Now that my hair is squeaky clean, it’s time to condition it. I’m holding in my hand (geeze I look soo geeky y’all but if I don’t smile I just look mad) my Aubrey’s GPB All natural conditioner. The GPB stands for glycogen, protein, balancing conditioner.  It’s formulated for all hair types, and here’s the … Continue reading

Drying, Moisturizing and Styling My Hair

Ok! All done. As you can see, my hair wanted to desperately shrink up the bands kept it stretched out. Side view. It did shrink some but the point is that it will not be tangled up as I start to work with it now section by section.   Here, I’ve taken one of the … Continue reading