Test Your Knowledge…

Ok… is life all about hair? Of course not. I started to make this page about testing your knowledge about hair. Then, as I was researching and looking for quizzes I just found too much other stuff out there that you could have fun testing your knowledge on as well. So while, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for hair quizzes to add, I’ve decided to add other types of quizzes as well. Who says Nappturology 101 can’t provide a little mindless entertainment for you outside the world of hair too. Definitely check back often for updates there’s tons of stuff out there that I can add to this page. Got a favorite one you’d like to share? Please let me know at NappymeHappyme@aol.com or leave a link in the Comment box below. Thanks!


Preconcived Ideas (L’Oreal Hair Science Quiz)
You’ll find this interactive quizz on L’Oreal’s Hair-Science site. It’s a wonderful resource of information about hair. After you take the quizz, take some time to explore the site and learn.

Quizzes (iVillage.com)
You know what? Your life doesn’t revolve around your hair does it? Of course not! I ran across these quizzes on iVillage.com. Five pages of them on topics ranging from quizzes on your love life and makeovers to nutrition and fashion. Sadly, I couldn’t find one hair quizz in the bunch but I think you’ll have fun taking these interactive questionaires anyway. And who know, you might just learn something about yourself too!

Do You Know How to Keep Your Hair Healthy ( Your Health Connection)
General Quiz about hair.

Hair Quiz (Experating.com)
A bunch of miscellaneous questions about hair.

Quizzes (Funtrivia.com)
Oh my stars…THOUSANDS of quizzes in 20 categories ranging from animals and history to science/technology (Trekkies or Trekkers this one is for you) to TV and the world. This site could keep you entertained indefinitely. It’s a keeper if you like to do this sort of thing. Personally, I can’t wait to go back and take some of the TV quizzes especially the Star Trek ones. Can’t believe I found this site. Wow. Quite a gem!

Beauty Quizzes (Fitness Magazine.com)
How to create the ideal beauty regimen for glowing skin, healthy hair and a gorgeous look. Click the link above to take several quizzes:

  • What’s Your Beauty Personality?
  • What’s Your Skin Type
  • How Healthy is Your Hair
  • Customize your Make-Up Tote
  • Find Scents to Satisfy Your Soul

Miscellaneous Quizzes and Games about Hair and other stuff. (Bella Online)
A collection of quizzes and games some about hair and some not. There’s Scrabble Hair Site Hangman, Hair Scramble and few others that might be fun to take. I didn’t look at them but they seem like they’re more geared toward white folks…given the source.

Hair Loss Quiz (Skin Healthy Online)
Eight questions to test you knowledge about hairloss. You get a score at the end and a list of links and additional resources that may interest you.

What’s Your Inner Hair Color (The N Game & Quizzes)
To find out what color hair you have, look in a mirror. To find out what color hair your personality has, take this quiz. 

Are you Hot? (Ruhotquiz.net)
This free personality test will help you find out if you have your finger on the pulse of the hot people, hot places and hot trends in America. Find out if you’re in the know or in the dark by taking this free personality test now.

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