My First Braidout!

Ok…this is a little misleading, cause it’s not like I wore my hair like this anywhere. I was taking my hair down from my box braids this afternoon in preparation for washing my hair and I thought my hair looked kinda cute. Well, really cute. So of course I broke out the camera. Although I’m … Continue reading

Double Braided Bun

Box braids: Week 8/Approximately 4 months to go… Ok… I keep looking for creative ways to keep my do interesting and creative ways to tuck away my ends. This weekend, I experimented with a lot of different ways to wear a ponytail. I’ve tried a high pony and tucked under ends. Didn’t like it. I’ve … Continue reading

Box Braids Revisited

Y’all might remember my first attempt at doing and wearing box braids. Did these (picture right) back in May. My intent was to do something similar to what T’Keyah Crystal Kemah does with her hair when she wears box braids. You know, the actress who played the mom in That’s So Raven and was also a Fly … Continue reading